Trust The Pros: How To Copy Top Traders With PrimeXBT

Trust The Pros: How To Copy Top Traders With PrimeXBT

The S&P 500 remains down more than 20% in 2022. The safe haven asset gold has also fallen more than 20% during the same year. The best-performing financial instrument of our time, Bitcoin, is also down more than 70% from last year’s highs.

Meanwhile, the best-performing strategy within the Covesting copy trading leaderboards boasts more than 4,000%, with dozens of three- and four-digit ROI traders right behind. These pro traders are skilled, proven, and have the experience necessary to survive historical volatility levels.

Here are all the reasons why you should trust the pros and copy-trade top traders with PrimeXBT.

Why Markets Are More Volatile Than Ever Before

The highest inflation levels in more than 40 years are causing chaos all over financial markets. Everything but the dollar has suffered substantially. Record-breaking volatility has cut asset prices down to size and taken the momentum out of the secular bull run in stocks and crypto.

The global economy is on the brink of a recession, and markets are in freefall as fear of collapse gets priced into risk assets. Major stock indices from around the world are well off of all-time highs, and the once-trending cryptocurrency market is now less volatile than traditional finance.


For all these reasons, PrimeXBT is the best platform to build a recession-proof portfolio.

Covesting Strategy Managers Are Beating The Bear Market

Covesting strategy managers and fully transparent performance insights prove that making money in this dangerous macro environment is still possible and that trusting the pros is always the way to go. The top-ranked strategy manager currently has more than 4,000% ROI. 

To put this into perspective, from Black Thursday lows in March 2020 to the peak in 2021, Bitcoin price climbed less than 2,000% from $3,800 to $68,000. 4,000% in total profits is equivalent to more than 40 years in the stock market using the S&P 500 as the benchmark.

This Covesting trader achieved this feat in less than one year and during a downtrend in stocks, crypto, and other assets.

Stay Profitable With A Wide Range Of Trading Instruments

Such strategy managers have recently added to month-over-month performance metrics, even while the crypto market moves slowly sideways. PrimeXBT trading instruments also include traditional assets like commodities, precious metals, forex currencies, and stock indices alongside cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

When crypto is stagnant, Covesting strategy managers can move to other PrimeXBT global markets. PrimeXBT trading tools like long and short positions with leverage let strategy managers extract as much profit from every price swing. Built-in technical analysis tools and weekly market reports help keep traders in the know and ready to perform.

Strategy managers can use the wide availability of trading instruments to build a risk-averse trading portfolio to protect capital and stay profitable.

Follow To Copy Trade PrimeXBT Pro Traders

Followers on Covesting can pick from the growing list of top-ranked strategy managers at PrimeXBT and copy their trades automatically. Following top traders lets new investors or those freaked out by market volatility stay exposed to profit opportunities without all the hard work and stress.

Covesting followers can also follow several traders at once, essentially creating a portfolio of top-performing traders. Followers also get risk management tools like stop loss protection to prevent any unwanted drawdowns.

Each time a successful trade is copied, the follower earns a portion of any profits while sharing a small commission with the strategy manager who executed the trade.

Getting The Most Out Of The Covesting Ecosystem

Both followers and strategy managers can unlock additional benefits by activating a COV token membership. COV token is the native utility token to the Covesting ecosystem and lets users upgrade copy trading accounts to Advanced, Premium, and Elite memberships.

Activating these membership enables account-level benefits like an increased profit share for followers and a trading fee discount for strategy managers. New following fees are also eliminated, and there is a 2x APY boost in Covesting yield accounts.

Yield accounts allow passive investors earn daily crypto rewards in the form of a variable APY interest rate by staking idle crypto assets.

Transparent Covesting Insights Make All The Difference

PrimeXBT and Covesting put great effort and focus on transparency and safety with the peer-to-peer copy trading community. For example, PrimeXBT recently began releasing a monthly Covesting trader’s report, updated the platform to include strategy manager trading history, and made a number of other improvements to Covesting insights.

Using Covesting insights, followers can view information about margin allocation, days active, initial followers’ equity, and more. Other strategy managers can also view this information to scope out the competition and see what they are up against.

There is also an official Telegram where top copy traders often hang out and discuss strategies or market conditions.

Trust The Pros And Copy Trade With PrimeXBT

The full suite of Covesting copy trading tools and powerful PrimeXBT margin trading tools are available via a free award-winning mobile application for Android and iOS devices. The always reliable platform is ready when you are, whether you are at your trading desk or on the go.

With more than 100 different trading instruments and plenty of cryptocurrency-based products and services like copy trading to choose from, PrimeXBT is the place where pros go to profit. The Covesting copy trading module gives anyone a chance to trust the pros and copy top traders with PrimeXBT.

Check out Covesting copy trading at PrimeXBT today and let the pros earn you up to 4,000% profits while the market is dropping.

Disclaimer: This is a paid press release and should not be viewed as a news or investment recommendation. Readers should conduct their own independent research before taking any actions related to the company, product, or project mentioned in this piece.