TRON (TRX) Virtual Machine to Sketch A New Awesome Growth for the Altcoin

TRON (TRX) Virtual Machine to Sketch A New Awesome Growth for the Altcoin

As popular altcoin TRON (TRX) prepares for the launch of an all new TRON Virtual Machine on its main net today, industry observers speculate that it could prove to be a big blessing in disguise for the small coin. It’s DApps background, has attracted younger generation of crypto investors.

#TRX Strength in Volume

#TVM launch could perhaps, be the last opportunity for Project Tron to mature and build strongly on its current prices, beating current lack of momentum. TRX mainly trades on Binance and Bit-Z and in terms of trading volume looks strong at roughly $173.17m, holding great promise in the coming trading sessions.
Lately, cryptocurrencies have had harrowing days in most markets with most of the big coins stagnating at prices that are lesser than the market-busting high of 2017 by nearly 10 times. Bitcoin hovers at about $5,000-$6,000, meaning the rest of the ‘virtuals’ or virtual currencies remain below this benchmark price in nearly the last quarter of 2018.
Tron has posted strong growth achieving as much as 61.450% in just about 30 days. And has seen much more use cases, adoption and intriguing partnerships, The Community has also been updating the growth in terms of prices as well, noting the prices are currently higher by as much as 18.89% in just 30 days.

Sun Backs XRP as Global Payment Option

TRX founder Justin Sun has been making news backing Ripple’s XRP and sees its value in mainstream financial sector especially with banks and also as a global payment provider by cutting across border payments and expensive charges.
Sun was casting his vote for the first-ever cryptocurrency he worked with – Ripple Labs ( between 2014 and 2016) before beginning his own Project TRON and TRX currency.
Ripple, according to Sun cuts down drastically on the time take for inter-state trading by using the xRapid services or XRP for liquidity in under two minutes. The entire transaction would cost less than a penny as well. Thus, Ripple is steadily progressing as a fall-back cryptocurrency among banking and financial institutions.
TRON, according to Sun would become the new standard for making global payments through its blockchain transfers. The launch of VM for TRON is one more step to seal a place in the maturing fintech-based banking environment for the altcoin!