Tron (TRX ) Recognized as the Most Popular Digital Asset of the Week

Tron (TRX) Hits 150 Dapps and Over 300 Smart Contracts

According to an announcement on Twitter, Tron is currently the most popular digital asset on the crypto market. Among all the ratings from different sources, Tron has been identified as the most bullish cryptocurrency in the market among the top ten. Tron performance has also lifted its native token TRX to a level higher than other cryptos, to be ranked as the most trending coin in the market.

Late January, an independent rating agency Weiss Ratings also acknowledged Tron as the most performing digital asset. In the release of its updated rating which includes 50 digital currencies, a huge credit was given to Tron as being outstanding among the top 10. The rating agency also took to Twitter to announce its observation about the digital assets.

Since the launch of BitTorrent, the network has seen higher traffic of new users creating more accounts on its platform. Launching of BitTorrent came with free airdrops which were transferred to users account in February, now Tron CEO came up with more announcement that the network is going to release 999,000,000 BTT to TRX holders by the 11th of March. This incentive has further stirred up more users who are flocking to create accounts on the Tron network.

BitTorrent is a peer-2-peer file sharing system which enables users to download files and data on the internet. Users can also gain rewards by using by sharing data on this platform.