Tron (TRX) Just Recorded Over $1 Billion In Daily Trading Volume

Tron (TRX) Still Struggling Despite Key Development Updates, Properly Bullish Above $0.30

As the crypto market wakes up from months of slumber and various top cryptos lead the bullish breakout, TRX is doing its part to boost the morale. Just a few hours ago, the crypto posted over $1 billion in 24-hour trading volumes for the first time in a year. Tron supporter Misha Lederman broke the news in a tweet.

It’s Historical

First off, this new development is historical for Tron especially because it comes at a time when the bulls seem to have finally turned tables against the bears after months of dormancy in a bear market. Also, according to Lederman, the last time TRX crossed the $1 billion mark in 24-hour trading volume is way back on May 1, 2018. That’s a whole year since. In fact, that was just one month after Tron launched the Mainnet as it migrated from the ERC20-based tokens.

It’s notable that TRX has responded well to the bullish breakout triggered by Bitcoin’s price surge that kicked off a few days ago. The crypto has added a few percentages in price increase over the last few days. At the moment, TRX is trading at around $0.282 – according to data posted on CoinMarketCap.

DApps Are Surging

According to a comment by a twitter user responding to Lederman’s tweet, the number of dApps on the Tron network is increasing impressively, with more and better unique content being delivered to the users even more frequently. These new products include innovative features in gambling and trading.


Tron Partnerships

Tron, the company, has been making great efforts in sealing as many partnerships as it can with various tech startups and businesses. These partnerships could help take TRX and BitTorrent mainstream and greatly boost their adoption. When this happens, the trading volume is bound to shoot up further.