‘TRON Is A Stupid Shitcoin’ – Peter McCormack Echoes Justin Sun’s Declaration

Justin Sun And Tron Foundation Slapped With A Lawsuit Over Alleged Harassment

Popular crypto podcast host Peter McCormack has announced to his almost 75,000 Twitter followers, what he thinks about TRON. As inflammatory as it might sound, the declaration seems to simply echo an opinion originally shared by Tron founder himself, Justin Sun.

In a video posted by McCormack that has now gone viral with over 280,000 views, the podcast host is sitting with Sun in what seems like a makeshift interview session at an unnamed event.

The founder was asked whether or not Tron is a valid coin or a shit coin, a question Sun immediately responds to, saying “Shitcoin” and ends up laughing with McCormack. At the beginning of the video which lasted only 30 seconds, Sun is also heard saying:

“Buy my shit coin.”

The video has sparked a lot of outrage on crypto Twitter especially among members of the Tron community. While a lot of people seem to be obviously entertained by Sun’s words, calling him an “honest scammer there are those who think that McCormack should not have posted the video at all. This is because Sun seemed to have had a few drinks and looked somewhat inebriated. One reply suggested that Sun was “probably drunk and joking” and McCormack took advantage of that regardless.

Apparently not caring about the dissenting opinions, McCormack has reiterated Sun’s words, firing back. For some, the whole thing is just a marketing scheme to give Tron’s TRX token more popularity, probably spurring an influx into the Tron market.


However, McCormack also seems to be dismissing those claims, especially those who seem to suggest that he had received some form of remuneration from the Tron founder, or that it was publicity for an upcoming episode of McCormack’s podcast.

Setting the record straight, McCormack tweeted:

“Tron is a stupid shitcoin. Justin isn’t coming on the show. I haven’t been paid anything by Justin. Justin hasn’t lent me a private jet. Justin admitted on camera that Tron is a shitcoin. Goal achieved. If anyone sees this & buys TRON then lol.”