Tron Holders To Receive 10% Of JUST Supply In Airdrops Over The Next 30 Months

Tron Holders To Receive 10% Of JUST Supply In Airdrops Over The Next 30 Months

Tron (TRX) holders are in for a special treat, courtesy of the JUST Foundation. The Foundation will be holding a massive airdrop of JUST (JST) tokens to TRX holders every month over the next two and a half years.

TRX holders will receive a total of 10% of the total JUST (JST) supply, according to Tron Founder Justin Sun

JUST Foundation To Airdrop JST Tokens To Tron Holders

Per a Medium post published today, the JUST Foundation will commence its first airdrop of JST tokens to Tron holders on May 20th. The Foundation will airdrop 217,800,000 JST tokens at around 00:00 UTC on this day. This will be the equivalent of 2.2% of JST’s total supply.

After this first airdrop, another 237,600,000 JST tokens will be offered to TRX holders over the next 12 months. This amount will equate to 2.4% of the total JST supply.

In the 12 months from June next year, the JUST Foundation will distribute 257,400,000 JST to TRX holders, which will be the same as 2.6% of the total supply. Lastly, the JUST Foundation will send out a new batch of 277,200,000 JST tokens to TRX holders in the period starting from June 2022. This airdrop will amount to 2.8% of the total JST supply and will run for five months. 


The snapshot of the airdrops will be initiated on the 20th of every month at 00:00 UTC.

JST Tokens Will Be Offered To Tron Holders With A Balance Greater Or Equal To 100 TRX

The Foundation notes that the eligible participants in the airdrop must have a TRX balance greater than or equal to 100 TRX. These holders will receive the airdrops regardless of whether the TRX tokens are frozen or not.

Owing to the vastness of the tokens to be airdropped, it could take up to 72 hours before TRX holders receive the JST tokens. Users are also advised to contact the customer support service of the exchanges and wallets supporting Tron’s airdrop program in case they have any questions.

Tron And The JUST Ecosystem

Tron recently launched a DeFi ecosystem that resembles MakerDAO, known as Djed. Djed will entail a USD-pegged stablecoin that is backed by TRX, USDJ. On April 4, Tron’s Justin Sun announced that they had completed testing the new DeFi platform and had launched the mainnet.

Sun also revealed that they had upgraded the name from Djed to JUST (JST).

Tron is currently the 16th largest cryptocurrency by market cap. TRX is exchanging hands at $0.012285 at the time of publication, having lost 2.71% in the last 24 hours, per data from CoinMarketCap.