TRON and MixMarvel Join Forces to Launch NFTs

TRON and MixMarvel Join Forces to Launch NFTs

Blockchain giant TRON and blockchain game publisher MixMarvel have joined forces to bring NFTs to TRON’s ever-increasing decentralized finance ecosystem.

MixMarvel has launched several new products and features of late as it seeks to gain a presence in the burgeoning realm of NFTs. The 2.0 update to its Rocket Protocol has improved interoperability and is fully compatible with TRON’s EVM, as well as the TRC20 and TRC721 token standards.

Rocket Protocol is the core technology that MixMarvel is built upon. It uses cross-chain contract interoperability among the EVM system of blockchains to realize high performance. TRON will use a wallet integrated with MixMarvel’s Rocket Protocol Wallet SDK to ensure users are equipped with a smooth cross-chain experience when interacting with NFTs.

Justin Sun Goes All in on NFTs

TRON has a strong team at the helm, led aggressively by outspoken CEO Justin Sun. Driven by a savvy marketing strategy, TRON has established itself as one of the leading cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Sun regularly uses Twitter to keep investors up to date on the latest TRON developments. He is renowned for using the social media platform to excite a frenzy in the build-up and immediate aftermath of important announcements regarding new affiliations and projects. 


“NFTs are a revolution of our generation, and we are excited to be collaborating with MixMarvel, a renowned platform to bring an NFT marketplace and wallet to the TRON ecosystem,” said Sun, who is also the CEO of BitTorrent.

“In 2021, TRON is making a commitment and investment into art by fostering the growth of NFTs; partnering with the top NFT and digital content projects is integral to TRON’s initiative.”

Sun narrowly lost out on 11 March as the underbidder at the historic $69M Christie’s New York auction of Beeple’s non-fungible token collection “Everyday: The First 5000 Days.”

The Third Web

TRON enables content creators and artists to enjoy full ownership of all their content, effectively using the internet as it was first intended: a decentralized open network. TRON is on a mission to take the power back from the social media giants that profit from user data, by returning it to its rightful owners.

Sun is aggressively promoting platform innovation and forging partnerships in the quest to revolutionize the entertainment industry and take on the Silicon Valley big guns, with Facebook and YouTube in his crosshairs.

MixMarvel Embraces NFTs

MixMarvel is a global project utilizing blockchain technology that has been dedicated to providing a publishing platform since its inception in 2017. 

“TRON has some of the biggest and most active communities in the entire crypto space and is one of the best-known platforms in the blockchain market,” said CEO and co-founder of MixMarvel, Jade Zhang, commenting on the partnership.

MixMarvel has assured users that the company will continue to advance ever more sophisticated blockchain technology applications in games, content creation, and IP asset distribution.