Tremendous supply burn by team likely to pique attention of BNB, DOGE and SHIB holders

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The collapse of FTX has sent fierce shudders through the markets: unleashing a sea of red. Then, almost prophetically, a new Ethereum-based social currency that delivers a store of value launches this month, and crypto enthusiasts have begun flooding the presale.

The team has also undertaken a massive burn campaign, creating a supply shock and providing GLO the native token with tremendous upwards momentum. As a result, BNB, DOGE, and SHIB holders have all started taking notice.

Uniglo delivers a store of value and facilitates this through asset ownership and hyper-aggressive deflationary tokenomics. However, what puts Uniglo in a league of its own is its ownership of high-end physical goods. These assets have made the presale a prime target in the prevailing market conditions.

Moreover, Uniglo stores real estate, gold, and fine art tokenized in NFT format in its vault, and all of these stores of value are more robust than digital assets. Further, the colossal burn indicates that the team has pulled out all the stops to compound value for investors. And it is easy to see why Business2Community listed Uniglo as one of 2022’s best projects. A massively undervalued project and one that will shine throughout the bear market.


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Uniglo’s burn has interested BNB holders. Each quarter Binance undertakes a considerable burn of BNB, giving each BNB token more intrinsic value. The lower the supply, the higher the price the asset can command. Across all markets, this is true, and on-chain analysis shows BNB holders rushing into the Uniglo presale. They have already seen the power of deflationary tokenomics and know how powerful the upwards price pressure becomes with a dwindling total supply. 


DOGE has some of the worst crypto tokenomics: an unlimited total supply. Even Elon Musk taking over Twitter, could not move DOGE’s price out of its rut. Nevertheless, DOGE holders remain keen to diversify. After witnessing DOGE’s poor inflationary token performance, they want to see the benefits of a deflationary token.


SHIB holders already know the drill. Shiba Inu’s burn campaign has seen more than 41% of the total supply burnt and helped implement a more stable floor price for the famous ‘Dogecoin Killer.’ Moreover, the Shib Army loves deflationary tokenomics and is sure to begin aggressively targeting Uniglo’s presale.

Closing Thoughts  

Uniglo remains heavily undervalued. Even before the burn and incoming supply shock, GLO made a fantastic bear market acquisition due to its interdisciplinary asset exposure. With a sharp reduction in its total supply, GLO will easily be one of 2022’s best-performing altcoins.

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