Traders troop into the Tron Market as TRX Outshines other Altcoins to attain a 10% Increase in Gains

Traders troop into the Tron Market as TRX Outshines other Altcoins to attain a 10% Increase in Gains

At press time, the bearish trends have not intensified, however, most coins and tokens are pulling in more and more losses with each passing day. Despite that, while all the top ten most valued cryptocurrencies are raking in losses from as low as 0.04% to as high as 2.14%, Tron TRX has shown itself as the anomaly with gains moving up to as high as 10%.

Data from coinmarketcap makes visible the impressive upsurge that Tron has attained between yesterday’s market to present. On the 20th of January, $1.59 billion was the estimated total of TRX’s market capitalization, at present, it appears that Tron has impressively increased by more than $100 million in a span of two days, bringing its market cap to $1.7 billion as of this writing.

The movement of trading volume from $230.87 million to $298.85 million reveals that more traders have been “Tron trading” in bigger amounts, leading to its current trading price of $0.025922, which is slightly above yesterday’s closing price of $0.025610.

As of this writing, Tron has attained up to 8% in value against the USD. These gains were not birthed today as TRX has remained untouched since the last 24 hrs as it added up 5% as of yesterday when other tokens were slowly losing momentum.


Exchanges like Binance can be credited for this turn out as trading volume from trading pairs of TRX/USDT and TRX/BTC has made the third and fourth spot in the Tron market, with gains of $28.25 and $26.29 million in trading volume.

The Korean won traders from Upbit exchange have also greatly contributed to this increase as it takes the second spot with a total of $37.51 million stacked up in trading volume. Overall, BitForex has made the most impact as it topped the list with pairs of TRX/USDT grossing  $41.73 million, making up 13.36% of Tron’s current volume.

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