Top Three Cryptocurrency Heroes for the week

Top Three Cryptocurrency Heroes for the week

The weekly performance of cryptocurrencies were quite stable, with many big guns failing to show up to the occasion. Despite the struggles and the disappointment showed by most of the coins, some of them refused to be tied down by the negative forces of the market. Here are three cryptocurrencies which became heroes of the week according to statistics and live feed from coinmarketcap as at 27th September 2017.

Gold Poker

Gold Poker announced its presence within the week by climbing up the ladder to become the coin with the highest price surge. Gold Poker rose by 826% from its $0.35 trading price on 20 September 2018 to $3.33 on 27 September 2018.

Eternal Token

This coin is utterly unknown to most of the cryptocurrency investors. However, it proved that it does not need recognition to perform. Eternal Token has an available supply of 60 million and has a current price of $1.65.
Right behind Gold-Parker, Eternal Token recorded 732% rise in price within the week. It is worth noting that the current rate of this cryptocurrency is its all-time high having surged from $0.007 on 9 September 2018 to $1.65. This digital asset has already shown that it can rub shoulders with the big guns when the market gets out of recession.


The third hero of the week was NetKoin. Just like Eternal Token, NetKoin is very unpopular among the cryptocurrency investors. It recorded its all-time high on 24 September 2018 with a price of $0.00019 from its all-time low of $0.000015 on 12 September 2018.
Unlike most of the digital assets which go to and fro in few digits on the price chart, Netkoin took a high jump to record a 243% in price, trading at $0.000089 within the week. It has a market capitalization of $346,980 and available supply of 3 billion.
Among the coins that performed within the week are Avatarcoin, which had a 195% rise in price, and Electroneum with a positive growth of 156%. Patron had a 152% rise in price.
It is crucial for investors to understand that this post in no way presents the above coins as a “must buy” assets. The article is just a presentation of the coins that performed within the week, and it is essential to understand that they may fail to continue rising or vice versa. A comprehensive background check is needed before investing in any cryptocurrency.