TomoChain Lab Adds A New Investment Arm And Multi-chain IDO Launchpad

TomoChain Lab Adds A New Investment Arm And Multi-chain IDO Launchpad

TomoChain Lab has announced the launch of LuaStarter and LuaVentures, a multi-chain Initial DEX Offering (IDO) launchpad, and an investment arm, respectively.

According to the announcement, these new products will provide developers with the perfect funding package for the early stages of their projects. Lua Swap explains on Twitter:

“LuaStarter and LuaVentures are true game-changers & will bring tremendous opportunities to both investors and builders.”

LuaStarter will reportedly become the first IDO launchpad to be built on LuaSwap. The platform was created to provide a secure environment for the project, especially those in their early stages, to raised funds, create liquidity on multiple chains while also making investors and users aware of their project.

LuaStarter has taken a different approach on its core values compared to most launchpads in the market. The Launchpad values above all Security, Integration, and Scalability (SIS). The launchpad hopes to provide the most secure environment that integrates developers, investors, and users into the DeFi ecosystem through these values.


Notably, LuaStarter will be available on both Ethereum and TomoCahin versions of LuaSwap providing flexible options for investors to participate in both chains.

LuaStarter makes use of an innovative model called Tier Guaranteed System (TGS). The TGS model provides the flexibility investors need to participate in every IDO. LuaStarter users will be able to take part in this process by holding native tokens, including TOMOE, TOMO, or LUA. One thing to note is that tokens will be allocated to each tier group depending on a fixed pool weight.

LuaStarter will also use the Selective, easy to participate, Adaptive allocation, and Tier total counts (SEAT) mechanism. This mechanism will ensure LuaStarter helps projects solve the current problems in the DeFi space. 

In addition, since LuaSwap backs the launchpad, investors and launched projects will have access to additional features, including pooling, swapping, on-chain limit orders, portfolio management, and farming others.

On the other hand, LuaVentures will significantly help launch projects on LuaStarter. LuaVentures reportedly focuses on blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It seeks seed investment in emerging blockchain projects that show significant potential growth. These investments could be on blockchain protocols, DeFi applications, NFT products, Polygon TomoChain, and many others.