Tomi Token Unveils Its First NFTs to Enable Investors Access Presale Round

Tomi Token Unveils Its First NFTs to Enable Investors Access Presale Round

Tomi token, a decentralized coin with the sole purpose of helping projects scale and transform the global economy, has unveiled its first year of a kind NFT to enable the holders’ access to its first presale round.

Notably, Tomi elaborated by creating five different non-fungible tokens containing 1,500 copies each. Reportedly, the 7,500 unique artworks will be made available on the OpenSea NFT marketplace for all to access. The collected revenue has been planned to go towards providing liquidity for Tomi tokens. Furthermore, with a notable head start, Tomi token project is bound to win more investors. 

Founded earlier this year, Tomi Token plans to hold five presale rounds to help distribute the tokens to its community. Afterward, Tomi has planned for a public sale via Uniswap DEX on September 21, 2021.

“Simply put, the NFTs primarily provides access to the presale, but they will have additional future uses as well, which TOMI will be revealing at a later date,” Tomi explained via a press release.

The team behind Tomi Token has also announced that other projects affiliated with the toke are underway. Moreover, the more successful projects are built in the Tomi ecosystem the higher chance of a sustained market and guaranteed bull market.


We will launch the TomiFundMe Platform to help nourish business ideas on their way to change the world for the better. Anyone can create a profile to share their ideas and how they will be beneficial to the world. All transaction fees earned from the Uniswap smart contract and TOMI swap platform will be given to businesses and people that TOMI token holders pick.”, the Tomi Team stated.

We wanted to create something different, something tangible, and not reserved for strictly crypto fans. Yes, cryptocurrency is a central part of this infrastructure, but we like to say that common people are at the center of this ecosystem. So far, people show big interest in this NFT-as-a-ticket approach, attracting people with versatile interests, so we are very optimistic,” the team added.

Notably, Tomi token has an initial supply of 1.5 billion units according to the company through its official website. Further, 750 million tokens have been made available through the Uniswap DEX. 500 million Tomi tokens have been set aside for the community pool to be used over three years. 250 million Tomi tokens have been reserved for development purposes.