Tired Of Being On The Sidelines, This Investor Will Be Swapping A “Good Percentage” Of XRP For LINK

Tired Of Being On The Sidelines, This Investor Will Be Swapping A “Good Percentage” Of XRP For LINK

Chainlink (LINK) has taken the crypto market by storm with its face-melting rally. Notably, other top crypto assets have also seen nice returns but none comes close to LINK.

One XRP investor is tired of sitting on the sidelines and losing out on LINK’s gains. As such, she will be exchanging a big chunk of her XRP holdings for the hot LINK.

Investor Plans To Dump XRP And Buy LINK

Chainlink’s LINK token has had a great year thus far, despite the chaos caused by the Coronavirus crisis. As ZyCrypto covered extensively earlier this week, LINK has been on a steady uptrend. The token pushed past $14 on Sunday, liquidating a number of LINK loans on Aave. Moreover, LINK’s trading volume even exceeded that of bitcoin (BTC) across major crypto exchanges.

LINK’s rally has not gone unnoticed by crypto investors. As sidelined LINK investors take advantage of any dips in the market to accumulate more tokens, investors with other crypto holdings are also looking to take advantage of the LINK hype.

One XRP investor going by the online alias xrp_mami told Twitter on August 9 that she is basically tired of ignoring LINK’s gains. She will be swapping a portion of her XRP for the decentralized oracles token. The investor is frustrated with XRP as she watches “free money” LINK take off to astronomical heights.


“Every Coin Has Its Turn”

Responding to xrp_mami who has seemingly thrown in the towel in regards to XRP, popular crypto analyst Credible Crypto suggested that every coin has its turn. 

According to the analyst, it is not wise to ditch an asset that has not yet started its run and go for one that has been running for a couple of weeks. “And I have nothing against LINK, I’m holding a bag from $2, but would never sell $XRP for $LINK at this time,” he added.

At press time, XRP has shed 3.37% over the past 24 hours while LINK has gained 10.98% of its value over the same time frame.