Time To Switch Up Your Bitcoin Holdings? Bill Barhydt Mulls A 25% BTC Portfolio

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Bitcoin has grown to be a top investment opportunity for anyone willing to bet on the future of the crypto market. People who went into Bitcoin early enough are already millionaires and billionaires, and the current market conditions still look pretty promising – at least according to the numerous crypto traders, analysts, and investors in the market.

Various popular BTC proponents have come out to intimate that they have a sizeable percentage of their entire investment portfolio held up in Bitcoin. Some like Bill Barhydt is even considering doubling or tripling their BTC holdings. Bill is the co-founder and CEO of Abra, a crypto-focused App.

12 to 25?

In a recent tweet, Bill intimated that he is currently thinking about doubling his BTC investment to cover around 25% of his total investment portfolio. Apparently, Bill currently has Bitcoin covering 12% of his wealth. In his announcement, the investor sought opinions on whether a 25% allocation would be too high or too risky. Judging from the responses, it’s pretty clear that a lot of people support his plan.

In fact, there have been many stories of people who have sold all their property and put all the money into Bitcoin. Given Bitcoin’s future market projections, it’s certain that these people are in for a huge scoop in profits when the bulls charge. Many of the popular Bitcoin whales like Tim Draper have predicted a bright future for Bitcoin’s price – even going up to $250k in the next few years.

The Case Of Inflation

Going on with his thread, Bill noted that the current trend of increased inflation affecting fiat currencies like the US Dollar makes Bitcoin ever more attractive. Admittedly, Bitcoin has long been touted as a viable option for investors looking for a safe haven. The fact that governments keep minting more bills makes Bitcoin even a better choice than stocks.