Tim Draper-Backed Blockchain Firm BitBounce to Launch Second Token Sale on The 8th Of May

The spam and email-access solutions venture raised over 31,000 ETH in 2017


Tim Draper-Backed Blockchain Firm BitBounce to Launch Second Token Sale on May 8 The spam and email-access solutions venture raised over 31,000 ETH in 2017

Redwood City, CALIF. / BitBounce, a blockchain spam, and email-access solutions provider is launching a second token sale after raising 31,595.3015 ethereum (ETH) in 2017. The Credo presale will begin on May 8, 2019, while the main sale will begin on June 19.

“This sale will provide the resources for us to continue to build BitBounce, BitBounce Ads, CredoEx, the Credo Blockchain, as well as develop our intellectual property, grow the team, and more” says Stewart Dennis, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “We are raising growth capital in a second round of an incremental series of token sales. It gives participants a number of opportunities to acquire a stake in a gradually de-risked and increasingly valuable project.”

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Email Paywall and Crypto Revenue

The 2017 initial coin offering (ICO) raised $11.3 million and received support from Silicon Valley venture capitalists such as Tim Draper.


“The May-June 2019 token sale enables users to gain a stake in our project’s success, and gives them actual rewards for early adoption,” says CEO Dennis. “It also aligns incentives: What’s good for the token is also good for users.”

BitBounce’s virtual domain has scaled to 4.5 million users, many of whom earn Credo cryptocurrency when receiving emails. The email paywall service eliminates spam and results in cleaner inboxes. The approach compensates recipients for engaging emails from unknown senders.

A Budding BitBounce Ecosystem

Spam costs the global economy $20 billion per year and accounts for 70% of all email. Existing regulatory and technological solutions have thus far failed to eliminate negative consequences of unsolicited emails.

In April, the firm’s email paywall patent was approved by United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent gives the holder exclusive rights to develop a market for email attention, and to help users earn from paid emails ads.

BitBounce Ads allows enterprises to send paid marketing emails to the firm’s user base. Therefore, it gives advertisers a major new ad platform. The Credo Blockchain will host transactions for ads and other transactions. Moreover, dApps and token projects could be developed on Credo Blockchain and benefit from integrated exchange and advertising services.

Credo is traded on multiple exchanges including the firm’s own: CredoEx. It can be used to purchase:

  • Communication access to an email paywall user
  • Advertising services
  • 22 other cryptocurrencies

In the next few months, Credo can pay for transaction fees and security deposits for mining on Credo Blockchain.

Support From Silicon Valley

CEO Stewart Dennis is a computer science graduate of Stanford University whose domain expertise includes blockchain, advertising, email, distributed system, crypto-economic and exchange technologies. He founded BitBounce in 2014 in San Mateo, Calif.

Early investors include Silicon Valley venture capitalists Tim Draper, as well as, Reid Dennis, founder of Institutional Venture Partners (IVP).

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