The Revive Project: Unique Ecosystem For Crypto Investments And NFTs

The Revive Project: Unique Ecosystem For Crypto Investments And NFTs

Revive Protect has created a unique ecosystem that allows blockchain communities to come together and revive the cryptocurrency market.

Revive has created a unique ecosystem that will allow users to invest in the crypto market while developing exciting NFT projects. The entire Revive ecosystem has been designed around PULSE, Revive’s native token. 

The entire ecosystem is designed to encourage long-term holding and discourage token sell-offs. The project hopes to achieve this through its 10% commission system from each PULSE transaction. According to the project, this commission will be reappropriated across four sections. The first 15 will go directly to token holders’ wallets, 5% will go into the Revive Basket, 2% into the Revive Launchdome, and the remaining 2% will be injected as token liquidity through PancakeSwap pair PULSE/BNB. 

The Revive Basket is an investment vehicle that uses a smart contract to purchase tokens for selected projects on Revive automatically. At the same time, the Revive launchdom is a platform for startups to sign up for funding and expertise help. Yields from the Launchpad will be intermittently dispersed to the token holders. 

The Revive project ecosystem brings three unique innovations to its users: the Revive Wallet, the NFT Marketplace & Academy, and the Revive Exchange.


When launched, the Revive wallet will reportedly have an impressive level of applications providing users with a gateway to accessing other innovations on the platform. Among these applications and functionalities will be allowing users the ability to vote for upcoming Revive development. 

Through the NFT marketplace, the Revive Project seeks to simplify, innovate and revolutionize the way NFTs are created. Notably, the NFT Academy is designed exclusively for PULSE token holders.  The academy will help PULSE holders sharpen their NFT making skills to produce the best work in the market.  

While commenting on the project, Eduard Ifrim, the CSO of Revive Project, explained:

“The Revive Marketplace and Academy combine in a unique way to completely simplify the marketing, investment and development processes behind NFTs.”

The third innovation Will be the Revive Exchange. This will be a centralized exchange to provide opportunities to PULSE holders to invest in new and upcoming derivative crypto products. 

Marius Smochina, CEO of Revive Project, stated:

“We have already in our team some great minds from the financial sector with whom we will develop the Revive Exchange. We have some incredible ideas on connecting all the points in the ecosystem to create outstanding derivative assets that will be tradable from next year when we launch the Exchange. 

Notably, the project is still under development. The project is looking at expanding its roadmap, partnerships, and public sale before the full launch of its product line in 2022.