The Industry-Wide Motto Is Becoming “Just Buy Bitcoin”

Bitcoin Trading May Be Launching On Nasdaq Soon As User Buys BTC Via Paper Trade

Bitcoin and the altcoin markets seem to be primed for a long bull run. Many experts, including Peter Brandt, have been using the word ‘parabolic’ to describe the bullish action that is about to take place.

And Brandt is not the only one calling this market a one of a kind chance to earn wealth. With a six-figure Bitcoin on the minds of many, the average person will most likely never encounter a better investment that they can find in cryptocurrency right now.

Balaji S. Srinivasan, the former CTO of Coinbase, thinks that buying Bitcoin is the best way to go for the current market trend.

Srinivasan also sees potential all over the altcoin markets. He thinks disruptive technology will grow from all parts of the blockchain space. But Srinivasan argues that everything is supported in the original digital asset, Bitcoin.

As the crypto markets embark on a possible huge run, a lot of faces on social media are urging folks to get some skin in the game. Fear that you can’t afford a whole BTC should not deter you.

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Alex Moskovski has advice for those wondering how to go about entering the market and making crypto investments.

“Buying BTC, dollar-cost averaging, forgetting about it for several years. This is the soundest strategy for most people.”

The sentiment in the space seems to be that the cryptocurrency world is much more prepared for a monster run than when the markets ran wild in 2017. This time around, the prices will be backed by budding startups offering great blockchain products. With experts casually dropping the word parabolic, it seems like this bull run is one to watch out for.

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