The Desperate ApeWives Official Anthem Debuts In Miami Art Week

The Desperate ApeWives Official Anthem Debuts In Miami Art Week

Desperate ApeWives NFT ventures in a groundbreaking collaboration with DJs MR.BLACK and GPROJECT and have stormed the air with the release of the first-ever anthem.

The exciting innovation was followed by plans to host an exclusive show and party featuring superstar DJs in MAPS Backlot Miami to officially debut the anthem on December 1st.

Afterward, the track will be immediately released to more than 30 music stores and channels in 240 territories including YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

MR.BLACK, GPROJECT, And DAW NFT Venture Pioneers DAW Musics

Desperate ApeWives anthem is an exclusive product of the talents and inspirations of two great music artists, MR.BLACK and GPROJECT.

MR.BLACK is a renowned music artist who has grown so popular in the music industry that he receives millions of streams on his music, and has signed with leading record labels, and also has performed at some of the biggest music festivals.


GPROJECT on the other hand is a popular music artist who is consistently making headlines within the electronic music industry. 

This development would see an innovative integration of NFTs into the world of music being a reflection of the visions of DAW kinds of music, the pioneering record label that was co-founded by DJs MR.BLACK and GPROJECT, and the Desperate ApeWives NFT venture.

It is the goal of the label to debut, promote and distribute the new and mind-blowing “Desperate ApeWives Anthem”. Hence presenting a piece of music that will enhance relationships with every DAW NFT holder.

The triple collaboration will see the Desperate ApeWives team offering designed and custom ApeWives NFTs for the supporting artists, MR.BLACK and GPROJECT to use as their face and icon within the NFT space, Metaverse, and for various marketing and business activities.