Thales Announces the Launch of its Affiliate Referral Campaign

Thales Announces the Launch of its Affiliate Referral Campaign

Thales, a cutting-edge DeFi protocol for parimutuel markets, has announced the start of its affiliate referral program.

The affiliate program will provide on-chain incentives to attract new users by allowing them to earn money by creating a referral link and sharing it with friends, traders, and potential purchasers. The program is a great way to profit from other people’s trading volume while also helping Thales develop its ecosystem by introducing new parimutuel markets, increasing volume, and increasing brand awareness.

Details on the Referral Program

Users will receive 50% of the trading fee (1 percent of total volume) from each trade the new user they onboarded executes if they share their referral link.

Funds earned through the referral program are automatically placed in users’ wallets as sUSD, the Synthetix ecosystem’s stablecoin.
Thales is offering 20,000 $OP tokens to individuals who reach the top of the affiliate leaderboard as a way to kick off the referral program and further gamify its system. Users will have the opportunity to receive exposure to the $OP token in addition to a share of trades completed through referrals.



Thales is a multi-chain protocol that facilitates the establishment of basic positioning markets. It is named after an ancient Greek philosopher. It began on the Ethereum blockchain and currently runs on the Optimism and Polygon blockchains.

Thales’ team wants to open up a new frontier in on-chain derivatives by allowing users to create their own parimutuel market where others can participate. Thales offers probability-based pricing with fully collateralized positions, allowing users to calculate the exact profit/loss of any position in advance.

All markets are fully collateralized and supported by a liquidity pool, ensuring winner payments and staking opportunities for THALES holders, as well as additional OP token incentives. Thales also uses Chainlink oracle services to supply its markets with the most accurate and dependable data.

Since its launch, Thales Automatic Market Makers (AMM) has generated over $2 million in volume. While exotic markets allow traders to take all-or-nothing tokenized UP, DOWN, IN, and OUT positions based on the performance of crypto assets, the Thales markets allow traders to take all-or-nothing tokenized UP, DOWN, IN, and OUT bets based on the performance of crypto assets.

With an intensive marketing push, a new affiliate scheme, and the establishment of a new market entirely dedicated to sports, the Thales DAO is seeking to expand its reach (Overtime Sports Markets).