Tezos-Based DEX, “QuipuSwap” Debuts Yield Farming

Tezos-Based DEX,

All QuipuSwap users are now able to participate in yield farming in the Tezos ecosystem and receive QUIPU tokens as a reward. QUIPU and QUIPU/TEZ staking will be available at the start of QuipuSwap farms. Farms with additional tokens will be introduced in the near future.

The QUIPU token is utilized in QuipuSwap’s AMM governance and as a payment method for future QuipuSwap services. Cross-chain farming will be available to QuipuSwap users after the deployment of the cross-chain bridge, on which the MadFish and Allbridge teams are collaborating.

The total fixed quantity of QUIPU tokens is ten million, and full distribution was expected to take four years. In addition, the team has created token-burning mechanisms, including a “Bakery Reward burning” scheme. All baking rewards acquired in Tez/Token farming pools will be swapped to QUIPU and burned as part of the Bakery Reward Burning (buyback & burn).

To protect QUIPU holders from inflation, farms begin with low returns and gradually increase as the TVL increases.

QuipuSwap’s farming features are tailored to the common DeFi customer. Connect a wallet to the Tezos protocol (we recommend Temple), pick the program, and stake the number of tokens (or LP shares) you want to commit to a farm. The complete QuipuSwap farm review may be seen here.


MadFish’s Background

MadFish Solutions is a key player in the Tezos ecosystem, having developed the QuipuSwap AMM protocol, Temple Wallet, and Yupana Finance lending protocol.

Stay tuned to MadFish’s official Telegram and Discord communities for additional updates and news.