Teslafan Spearheads Next-Gen AI Marketplace and Partners with ProBit Global

Teslafan Spearheads Next-Gen AI Marketplace and Partners with ProBit Global

Teslafan’s utility token, TESLF, listed on ProBit Global on May 25, 2021, plays a critical role within the Teslafan platform as the only accepted means of payment.

Teslafan spans a sustainability-driven tokenized network, a next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) marketplace, and a diverse community of engineers and investors. Through connecting innovators, developers, and data scientists with a hand-picked group of seed investors, Teslafan hopes to expedite AIs evolution and elevate its accessibility to new heights. 

AI is faced with explainability issues, having much of the protocol processes enshrouded within black boxes, making it a challenging sector to interpret and evaluate. Similar problems exist within the qualitative communications component of AI — challenging to explain results and a distinct lack of palatability for those outside AI circles and potential investors. 

Teslafan recognizes these issues and strives to bolster AI’s explainability and worldwide growth through a frictionless bilateral bridge and intuitive user experience.

Teslafan remediates integration anxieties at an industrial level, enhancing its palatability through a face-to-face fundraising ecosystem and decentralized marketplace. Funding difficulties typically associated with maturing technologies are remedied with Teslafan’s capabilities to expand the corporate and private investor pool with micro-investors.


Teslafan offers five core services operating on the Ethereum blockchain: a decentralized crowdfunding platform, an AI marketplace, renewable energy charities, sentiment analysis, and stock data comparison. Teslafan has taken the traditional crowdfunding model and its many accountability and centralization quirks and overhauled it. Conflicts that typically develop due to miscommunication with campaign creators, project supporters, and angel investors, leading to campaign failures, are eradicated with Teslafans defining crowdsourcing iteration.

TESLF value is protected by the employed burning mechanism unique to the Teslafan ecosystem. At every significant milestone the alternative energy industry meets, Teslafan will conduct a token burning event, protecting the price while reducing supply. Boasting a total supply of 700,000,000 tokens, TESLFs token allocation is conservative, with only 5% allocated to team funding and 10% towards cost & development.

Teslafan’s token burning modality, distinct crowdfunding model, planned donation service to renewable energy charities, and numerous other projects that aid in AIs adoption while keeping sustainability top of mind speak to the team’s sincerity and commitment to their goal. With the global renewable energy sector speculated to grow by a CAGR of around 5%, Teslafan has prime positioning to disrupt a rapidly growing industry. Teslafan hopes to drive AIs adoption by taking exciting and innovative AI projects and seamlessly presenting them to eager co corporate and micro-investors.


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Teslafan is a sustainability-driven tokenized network, a next-generation AI marketplace, and an inclusive ecosystem of developers, ideas, and resources to expedite human-machine interaction through artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and cognitive computing projects. Driven by their focus to contribute to the competitiveness of the AI industry, Teslafan hopes to accelerate AIs’ global proliferation through a frictional micro-investor hub.


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