DOGO’s Blockchain-Based Farm, Mining, and Gaming Protocol Gets Listed on ProBit Global

DOGO’s Blockchain-Based Farm, Mining, and Gaming Protocol Gets Listed on ProBit Global

Operating across three networks, BEP20 – ERC20 – and TRC20, DOGO offers holders a completely decentralized, smart contract-supported project and has expanded its scope with its recent addition on ProBit Global. DOGO aims to develop a popular gaming platform driven by its endearing dog theme.

Yield farming is a trending sector within the cryptocurrency sphere that has spawned due to the rapid proliferation of DeFi. Yield farming or liquidity mining is the practice of using intricate strategies to lend, stake, and hold decentralized digital assets across multiple DeFi protocols. Dogo Coin intends to offer a farming solution potentially leading to significant passive yields for DOGO holders.

Dogo Coin’s staking protocol enables users to contribute to network security while earning passive rewards. Staking and yield farming are two drastically different worlds with different objectives and purposes. DOGO holders willing to take on more risk can opt for yield farming over the former. Yield farming enables holders to earn increased awards in reduced periods.

Dogo games, a subset of the Dogo Coin network, is a gaming platform currently in the beta stage. DOGO holders are awarded the ability to bet on mini-farms within Dogo Coin gaming applications. DOGO games offer an intuitive UX packaged in a colourful UI where holders can earn tokens playing the DOGO slot machine and future game developments.

Boasting a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 and over 2,000 holders, DOGO has started to gain traction and has potential for further growth, especially following future network iterations and project developments.


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Dogo Coin aims to offer a blockchain-based farm, mining and gaming platform on the BEP20 – ERC20 – TRC20 network, which is entirely decentralized and operates on smart contracts.

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