Terminal 3 Pre-Seed Funding Round for Decentralized User Data Infrastructure Gains Traction

Terminal 3 Pre-Seed Funding Round for Decentralized User Data Infrastructure Gains Traction

Terminal 3, a Web3 startup, is excited to announce the success of its pre-seed round that will fund its user data infrastructure to bring about a decentralized future.

The pre-seed round was participated by many key investors, including 500 Global, CMCC Global, BlackPine, Hard Yaka, Bored Room, DWeb3, Consensys Mesh, Bixin Ventures, Ventures, Mozaik Capital, and many others. The funding will further the project’s mission of developing a decentralized user data infrastructure.

Co-founded by Gary Liu, Joey Liu and Malcolm Ong, Terminal 3 leverages decentralized storage and zero-knowledge proof to empower an equitable Web3. The project hopes to create a secure and private environment where user data is freely composable. 

Commenting on the project, Gary Liu, CEO of Terminal 3, explained:

“The continued growth in blockchain allows us to reimagine digital data ownership and security. We believe that data should flow freely between applications to drive innovation and improve user experience, but not at the expense of personal privacy and control.” Gary Liu added, “Scaling Web3 will require the re-invention of core enterprise technologies. Terminal 3 is building solutions that serve both corporations and individuals to enable this critical shift in our digital world.”


Terminal 3 comes into play to provide users with solutions that are an alternative to centralized data storage that has long deprived users of their privacy, saddling companies with security and compliance concerns. 

The project’s mission is to build solutions that maximize the value of decentralized internet for users and enterprises. To aid with its mission, Terminal 3 standardizes data and generates verifiable credentials that allow data identities and profiles to be interoperable across Web3. The project can ensure self-sovereign ownership, user control, and regulatory compliance through decentralised data storage. 

Based in Hong Kong, Terminal 3 is supported by a strong team led by three partners who are former entrepreneurs and business leaders. The three bring decades of combined experience, including working at the South China Morning Post, where they led the historic newspaper’s transition to the digital era. 

Notably, data regulations and security laws have become more stringent across the globe. This has forced companies to realize that self-sovereign data is a great solution for ease of operations and that of their users.  Terminal 3 is at the forefront of providing users with these much-needed solutions. 

For more information about Terminal 3, please visit Terminal 3’s: Official Website | Twitter | LinkedIn.