APE Freefalling in Rough Crypto Conditions, Are DigiToads NFTs the Next CryptoPunks?


The NFT market has been all over the news for good and bad reasons recently. On the one hand, ApeCoin hit the headlines after it faced headwinds and started crashing. On the other hand, another meme coin and NFT-based gaming ecosystem, DigiToads (TOADS), took everyone by surprise with its stellar presale growth. The hybrid DeFi crypto project has emerged as one of the best altcoins, allowing its users to leverage multiple options for passive income. The cherry on the cake is the Ethereum-based cryptocurrency’s robust security framework which has been vetted by some of the best blockchain audit companies in the world.

DigiToads has collected over $6.5 million in presale funding in the past nine presale stages. DigiToads’ presale process is currently in its last phase, so hurry and start accumulating the TOADS token for potentially handsome returns in the long term.

DigiToads: A Metaverse game where high stakes match high rewards

DigiToads is an upcoming popular cryptocurrency that leverages the potential of hybrid DeFi to drive financial inclusion. It strives to make its users independent by providing them several options for earning passive income. Its native cryptocurrency is the TOADS token built on Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard. 

DigiToads also has a staking feature where NFT owners can stake their assets in exchange for rewards. The rewards are distributed from a staking pool funded by collecting 2% of the fees from TOADS transactions. The rewards will vary from NFT owner to owner as the returns are directly proportional to the staking period. What makes DigiToads a good crypto to buy is that each TOADS NFT will be eligible for an equal percentage of the staking pool over time.

Compared to popular NFT projects like CryptoPunks, the TOADS NFTs are a more lucrative option. For instance, with TOADS NFTs, owners can also access several other benefits, like gaining access to informative sessions at DigiToads’ upcoming think tank, the TOADS School.


The platform has also rolled out a Web 3.0 game where players challenge each other in a Metaverse swamp and compete for the highest scorers. Every season’s highest scorers bag TOADS tokens as a prize. The game offers players various in-game assets that can help them advance further. One of the most popular assets is DigiToad – a special breed of digital creatures represented by NFTs known for their superior strength and unique powers. There are also potions, foods, and training equipment for these digital creatures.

Here’s what analysts are saying about ApeCoin’s prospects

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, ApeCoin is a meme coin that aims to decentralize blockchain power and drive community-wide impact with Web 3.0 tools. Its native cryptocurrency is the APE token. Not only is the token used for transactional purposes, but it is also used as a governance token for the platform. Despite its popularity among crypto users, the APE token has witnessed some negative price action. Analysts tracking the token feel it will potentially stay bearish in the coming months.

Can CryptoPunks regain their lost momentum?

CryptoPunks is among the best crypto assets that you can find in the NFT space. With a collection of over 10,000 unique collectibles, CryptoPunks is believed to have inspired the modern-day CryptoArt movement. The ERC-721 standard of the Ethereum network powers its NFTs. Recently, CryptoPunks have witnessed a substantial decline, but analysts claim that the NFT platform still has potential. Judging by its market cap, analysts feel that the platform has the potential to surge in the coming months.


ApeCoin, CryptoPunks, and DigiToads are among the top NFT-based projects you can find in today’s market. However, a parameter that gives DigiToads an upper hand over the other two platforms is growth potential. According to experts, DigiToads can potentially register a higher growth rate because of its hybrid DeFi model. What’s more, it’s also an ideal project for earning long-term returns as one can experiment with different options for earning passive income. DigiToads NFTs are gaining the attention of cryptoverse and also provide an option to earn passive income through the staking mechanism.

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