Tapatalk App Users to Get Massive Rewards in Kin Token

Tapatalk App Users to Get Massive Rewards in Kin Token

Tapatalk, the leading mobile community platform, announced it will integrate Kin token, a digital ledger tender, in order to enable Tapatalk users to earn Kin token by creating quality content and engaging in other meaningful ways specified by the forum owners.

To initiate this partnership, Tapatalk will soon airdrop up to 2,000 Kin tokens to each Tapatalk app user.

Tapatalk, a leader in the forum management software, is currently exploring and adopting new technologies to enhance the forum experience and bolster online communities.

To this, Tapatalk attempts to use blockchain technology and innovation to enhance incentivization, monetization, and securitization.

Earlier in November 2018, Tapatalk announced its partnership with Kin and with the recent development on Tapatalk’s iOS and Android app, users can now earn and spend their Kin tokens seamlessly.


Tapatalk App Users to Get Massive Rewards in Kin Token

Tapatalk’s Kin token integration will support greater engagement and richer contributions throughout the forum ecosystem.

Speaking on their partnership, Rinat Bogin, Managing Director of Kin Ecosystem, posited that:

“Tapatalk is focused on strengthening online communities, which aligns strongly with Kin’s vision and makes this a perfect case study for us.

He further reiterated that:

“With a user base in the millions, we’re pleased to introduce these forum members to Kin and help cultivate even more robust engagement while broadening Kin’s reach.”

Also commenting on the initiative, CEO of Tapatalk, Winter Wong, expressed his excitement over the partnership with Kin, adding :

“Online forums are decentralized by nature, which is why partnering with Kin to give our users the opportunity to earn and use rewards across various apps was so appealing.”

He also declared that:

“We’re delighted to partner with Kin and use digital currencies to break down barriers and collectively create stronger content and more value for online communities.”

Along with the Kin integration, Tapatalk is also using an EOS-based blockchain solution to account for the earning and purchasing of Tapatalk Gold Points.

Gold points enable forum administrators to gain revenue through page views, ad impressions, and member donations, and members can use them for ad removal as well.