Taklimakan Network Unveils its AI and Blockchain-Powered Crypto platform

Taklimakan Network Unveils its AI and Blockchain-Powered Crypto platform

Taklimakan Network is a bitcoin and altcoins trading and education platform that is based on AI, blockchain technology and social networking. It uses new technologies to provide crypto holders with a one-stop solution for their trading needs.

With Taklimakan, crypto traders need not sign up on multiple platforms, as it provides all their needs, including news, social media, market trends and more.

Fragmented Info Source

While digital assets have a lot to offer, the fact still remains that information source for the decentralized assets are fragmented and this poses a huge challenge to investors, as they must use multiple sources to get the much-needed information.

Communication between service providers and consumers is still very ineffective, there is still a lack of a universal source of information, absence of latest technology like artificial intelligence in trading a dearth of proper data analytics tools for cryptoanalysis.

There is also a low level of financial knowledge among crypto enthusiasts and an exhausting process of crypto education.


Solving the Problems

Taklimakan.network has built a wide array of highly functional services aimed at making it easier for crypto investors to access information and learn about cryptos without having to visit multiple platforms.

News: The latest crypto news is aggregated along with current projects, expert opinions and more.

Educational Materials: Crypto traders will have access to a complete library loaded with valuable crypto-related info for both newbies and experts.

Analytics: Different tools and analytical reviews of the digital assets markets, to enable traders to make informed decisions.

Trading Tools: There are also trading signals and strategies from top traders.

Social Networking: The Taklimakan platform provides users with blogs and chat rooms for connecting with like-minded people.

The Taklimakan network is already a complete project, available to a vast array of users. However, the team plans to add more functionalities shortly, including:

Investment Section: People will be able to showcase their projects and get investments from interested investors.

Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

Gamification: There will be numerous games for users to unwind or get themselves entertained.

Crypto Market: users will be able to sell and buy cryptos easily, while also being able to see a list of merchants accepting cryptos.

The Taklimakan Network is made up of experts from numerous financial institutions, including Barclays, RBS, and Russell investment, as well as graduates of leading universities like Cambridge.