Switchere Collaborates With Concordium to Enable Credit Card Payments For NFTs

Switchere Collaborates With Concordium to Enable Credit Card Payments For NFTs

Switchere, an online cryptocurrency exchange platform that provides support for crypto to crypto conversion has announced a new integration with the native payment token of leading public decentralized blockchain Concordium’s native payment token.

Switchere is a licensed company with extreme legal compliance that guarantees secure infrastructure, fair pricing, and fast processing of transactions for users. It has collaborated with Concordium to contribute to the mass adoption and easier purchase of NFTs.

For the first time, the purchase of NFTs via credit cards will become possible as the collaboration will see Switchere providing support for SpacesSeven, a NFT platform built on Concordium which allows users to create, buy, and sell NFTs. 

The CMO at SpaceSeven, Philip Mostert, noted the significance of the collaboration to the NFT market saying;

This is the first and very unique opportunity on the market to buy NFTs with your credit card. With growing interest in NFT, we would like to expand its adoption in the market.”


Switchere Widget Enables Exchange of CCD For NFTs

With the Switchere widget, users will be able to purchase CCD, the native payment token within the Concordium Ecosystem and exchange them for desired NFTs.

This is an attempt to foster the adoption of the NFT space as the development makes NFTs more accessible to the public as it allows crypto projects like SpaceSeven to accept credit card payments. Moreso, the Switchere widget in its unique functionalities gives room for integration into any platform that faces limitations in NFT purchases with fiat currencies.

The Head of Product at Switchere, Nikolai Khachatrian, made elaborations on how the new development functions via the announcement.

“Here’s how it works: a client registers his or her account and wallet on SpaceSeven and uses the Switchere widget to buy CCD through any of the available payment methods. Then, the user may exchange the CCD for the desired NFT on SpaceSeven,” he said.