Susumi Debuts IDO on the P2PB2B Exchange

Susumi Debuts IDO on the P2PB2B Exchange

Susumi’s IDO session will begin on the P2PB2B exchange on June 15th.

IDO (Initial DEX Offering) enables crypto projects to sell tokens to the general public. Early investors can purchase a large number of tokens at a discount and then sell them at a higher price once the IDO is launched.

What is Susumi?

Susumi is a Decentralized Crowdfunding application designed to help communities build wealth. The company’s mission is to provide efficient, fair, and dependable fundraising systems to individuals and communities.

What makes Susumi special?


Susumi (SUSU) Coins are awarded to donors who contribute to Crowdfunding campaigns. This is a strong incentive that helps the majority of fund-raising campaigns succeed quickly. Susumi Capital aims to build financially strong individuals and vibrant communities in underdeveloped regions by leveraging small contributions from large groups of people:

Financial assistance: SUSU Coins can be used to raise funds for lifestyle issues.

Fundraising organizations: The Susumi Platform provides a perpetual pool of cash that may be used by organisations that raise donations on a regular basis for a variety of objectives.

Project funding: Susumi technology promotes cooperative financing, which is a new approach for entrepreneurs, communities, and even governments to quickly fund initiatives.

NFTs in the Community: As a Susuist, you can improve your standing in the community by collecting NFTs that correspond to your rank. Susu NFTs provide holders with Token incentives and income.

To participate in Susumi’s IDO session, simply connect your wallet and request to be added to the whitelist by clicking the “Whitelist” button at the top of the project page.

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