iFancyThat: Providing Digital Payments Solution Under A Single Crypto Wallet

iFancyThat: Providing Digital Payments Solution Under A Single Crypto Wallet

iFancyThat, a blockchain-based wallet and a payment gateway is integrating a secure payment gateway to streamline the error-prone traditional banking system.

iFancyThat is a one-stop-shop wallet created to provide users with payment services through the iFancyThat ecosystem. Overall, the iFancyThat ecosystem comprises the iFancyThat apps, a wallet, and a payment gateway. The platform seeks to make digital payments easier, transparent, cost-effective, and faster. The wallet allows users to pay for goods and services through its secure wallet. In addition, users can make use of its reliable and easy-to-use mobile apps.

iFancyThat’s mission is to “provide a comprehensive platform where users can perform multiple operations such as flight booking, hotel booking, buying, selling cell phones and watches, hiring a vehicle, playing casino games, and more.”

iFancyThat apps consist of the ifancyabet, ifancyahirecar, ifancyaflight, ifancyahotel, ifancyadate, ifancyaphone, and ifancyawatch. Ifancyabet is a gaming site that provides users with a wide rag=nge of casino games.  This gaming platform allows users to pay with both crypto and fiat currencies. 

Ifancyahirecar, when launched will serve as a new go-to website for vehicle hire. The platform will offer car, coach, and even motorhome hire services to users around the world. To accomplish this objective, iFancyThat is planning to form strategic partnerships with major car hire brands on the market. 


Ifancyaflight, like the name suggests, will provide users with the best flying deals allowing them to their dream destinations. Through this platform, iFancyThat will work with different companies and brands to offer users discounts on all flight timing and destinations with the FancyThatToken.

On the other hand, the ifancyahotel is designed to showcase beautiful hotels in different destinations allowing users to find the fit accommodation for their vacation. The ifancydate app will give a new spark to the dating life by encouraging users to talk and meet with others. 

Lastly is the ifancyaphone and the ifancyawatch. The ifancyaphone will allow users to easily sell their unwanted mobile phones at a good price. The app will allow phone owners to compare the best prices available for their old phones against the best reviews.  The ifancyawatch app will feature a wide range of brand watches and their best prices. The app will allow users to get their favorite accessories on a discount offer through the FancyThatToken. 

FancyThatToken ($FNCY), is the native token for the ecosystems created to service different utilities. Building on the Binance Smart Chain, the token has a total supply of 100 billion tokens. $FNCY can be used to pay for transactions within the platform, pay for car hire, flights, hotels used for trade, investments, and much more.

Currently, the iFancyThat team is holding a seed private fundraising round for the $FNCY allowing investors to join the project with as little as $50 up to $25,000.