Super Protocol: The Solution to Web3 Crypto Hacks and Data Leaks?

Super Protocol: The Solution to Web3 Crypto Hacks and Data Leaks?

Crypto hacks have become commonplace, with projects like Axie Infinity losing millions of dollars to such attacks. Hacks in 2022 alone have amounted to over $2 billion, and the year hasn’t ended yet.

Many attacks were possible because web3 projects find it difficult to balance security and decentralization. Security is usually traded for decentralization, which is why many web3 projects become vulnerable to attacks.

While developers may succeed at developing complex systems combining two or more solutions, such projects are exposed to attacks due to one compromise or another. The increasing number of hacks can dent the image of web3 and make an effort to sell it to the public futile.

Super Protocol is a project that is out to change this. By leveraging the industry-leading security delivered by Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX), the project seeks to increase the security of web3 projects while maintaining decentralization.

Intel® SGX is designed to support trusted computation. Based on the application and data isolation principle, it also enables developers to partition code into hardened enclaves. 

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These enclaves secure platforms because data processed using them is invisible to other applications, the operating system or hypervisor, and even rogue employees with credential-protected access.

“Built to provide a foundation of confidentiality, Super Protocol is a blockchain-based cloud computing platform with no single point of failure; as a result, it is more resilient than centralized security solutions,” the Intel Solution Brief concerning Super Protocol states.

The brief further states that “In essence, Super Protocol is a global, decentralized, unstoppable “super cloud” that enables easy deployment of a wide range of workloads—a rich ecosystem of interoperable solutions and services, including databases, web services, ready-to-use applications, confidential data sources, and much more.”

Super Protocol brings confidential computations to web3 by creating a decentralized network of Intel-certified hardware providers. It also provides a more secure and protected environment for developers to build while maintaining decentralization.

CloudSigma is responsible for providing Software Guard Extensions by Intel (SGX). CloudSigma is a company with advanced hybrid hosting solutions that enables bespoke SGX-powered cloud servers with high-performance and local data sovereignty. 

The CCO of CloudSigma, Borislav Ivanov, speaking on the company, said:

“Our unique global network of cloud locations powered by local service providers is an ideal fit for Web 3.0 requirements. We offer truly independent, decentralised local infrastructure options to Super Protocol with a unified service delivery globally.” “Perfect provisioning, local data sovereignty, and Intel SGX availability underpin the cost-effectiveness, reliability, and security of Super Protocol’s service offerings,” he added. 

Who can use Super Protocol?

A wide range of applications can work with Super Protocol, including complex applications that work with sensitive personal data. Applications that wish to stay decentralized without exposing their users’ data will also find it helpful, e.g. decentralized exchanges. 

With Super Protocol, product, project team, or even a single developer can now build with the familiar convenience and workflow of traditional cloud services a decentralized application and web3 ecosystem. 

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