StreamCoin’s NFT Marketplace, STRMNFT Launches NFT-Focused Creator Program To Foster Budding Artists

StreamCoin’s NFT Marketplace, STRMNFT Launches NFT-Focused Creator Program To Foster Budding Artists

On October 19, STRMNFT, StreamCoin’s NFT marketplace, unveiled a creator program geared toward the NFT space. To celebrate the upcoming International Artist Day, we’ve put together this special program.

The introduction of the program demonstrates STRMNFT’s dedication to helping emerging artists. Participants in the program will broaden their artistic horizons in this way. Furthermore, creators of the NFT do not need to be familiar with blockchain and its technical aspects, as the marketplace will provide technical assistance in supporting the artists to mint their collections.

Creators will have the opportunity to showcase their collections on STRMNFT’s social media and homepage; and will also be able to participate in interviews on the marketplace’s official podcast, which is among the most exciting features available. By joining STRMNFT’s creator program, creators can boost the legitimacy of their channels and collections by increasing their chances of being verified.

Since its inception a few months ago, STRMNFT has amassed more than 75,000 users, giving artists and creators a fantastic opportunity for exposure.

In addition, more than 200,000 people follow the platform across all social media channels.


StreamCoin has been working tirelessly since its launch to enhance the STRMNFT marketplace by introducing new features and improving the user experience. Intending to realize its vision of a world in which NFTs are widely used, StreamCoin has built a comprehensive ecosystem around the STRMNFT and given users extensive control over the token STRM.

To highlight, the STRMNFT team has created bulk minting without any development tools, verification badges, two-factor authentication, and user-configurable collections.

StreamCoin has also incorporated the “Buy STRM” portal into STRMNFT. All users now have a more convenient means of acquiring STRM, as a wide variety of tokens can be used as payment within their wallets.

Everyone interested in joining STRMNFT is warmly welcomed. Before November 30th, creators can fill out the official application form. A further way for creators to get in touch with STRMNFT is by using the #STRMNFTcreator hashtag on any of their preferred social media channels. Users interested in learning more can reach out to the team via Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.