FitR (FMT) Announces Token Debut On MEXC Exchange

FitR (FMT) Announces Token Debut On MEXC Exchange

Eventually, MEXC Global will have FitR listed, and its native token, FMT, will be available for trading on the platform. The available data suggests that MEXC is among the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges globally. Spot trading, leveraged ETFs, futures, the New FT Index, etc. are among the primary offerings. Among the top 50 cryptocurrencies, MEXC has the highest liquidity, allowing for over 1,500 daily transactions.

A decentralized social fitness platform, FitR /Fit-er/ boasts advanced Gamification tools and one-of-a-kind Socialization capabilities. FitR is an AI-enabled fitness tracker that offers various indoor and outdoor workouts.

FitR’s three main gameplay components are:

  • Fitness and move to earn;
  • Gamification Design and NFTs;
  • Social interaction

Users can search for their preferred workouts and discover challenging new ones with FitR. Exercising is now a game thanks to the gamified interface. In FitR, users can challenge one another in friendly competition or join forces to complete group challenges. Working out together as a group has many benefits, including better communication and boosting everyone’s health and fitness levels. In addition to getting in shape, players of FitR can connect with people from all over the world.

Until now, no other Move-to-earn project had implemented a multiplayer mode like the one released by FitR. Various multiplayer options include ranked matches, leaderboards, and cooperative play.


Specifically, FitR presents two new types of NFTs: equipment NFTs and avatar NFTs. Players can spend their PFP on an Avatar NFT and then use Equipment NFTs tailored to their training type. Examples include a yoga mat, a jump rope, and a pair of boxing gloves. The Highest floor price increased to around 2 BNB after the NFT was made public.

Seed round investors have been made public by FitR. Alpha Coin Fund, Avalanche Asia Star Fund, HashKey Capital, and Kucoin Ventures are among the backers, per the company’s social media channels. There are four reputable VC firms that focus on Asian investments.

Regarding M2E projects, FitR stands out because it’s accessible even to users who aren’t familiar with cryptocurrency and pioneers a new kind of social gameplay that takes place in real-time over the internet. FitR makes it simple for users to include their loved ones in their gaming and rewards experiences.

As time goes on, more features will be added to the game. These features include a monthly new exercise mode (Zumba is next), a pet system, in-game cosmetics developed by other NFT projects, an augmented reality football game, and social game modes (coaching and live streaming).