STASIS Deploys its EURS Stablecoin On XDC Network

STASIS Deploys its EURS Stablecoin On XDC Network

As many crypto companies struggle to remain afloat in the current bear market, stablecoin companies are adopting different models to encourage the adoption of their products. Overall, the journey hasn’t been rosy, given the growing awakening about the risks associated with the crypto market.

As a result, users are constantly looking for transparent, reliable solutions to be safe. Among the notable stablecoin companies going with the tide is STASIS, the issuer of EURS, the largest euro-backed stablecoin.

Consequently, EURS has been launched on the XDC network, a Web3 solution focused on building Web3 ecosystem tools, protocols, decentralized apps, and SDKs. The move is expected to boost Web3 payments and encourage the adoption of stablecoins across XDC.

According to the STASIS team, EURS is not just the first Euro stablecoin on the XDC network. Still, it’s also a superior multichain digital asset designed to offer better transaction time, lower fees, and assured scalability.

“With the help of XDC, EURS gained support of new powerful tools and a new global community and enterprise participants. By now, we have enforced our brand sufficiently to see the need for our stablecoin become apparent in world markets. More companies are realizing the importance of transparency, and this is a confirmation that we are doing our job right — educating the cryptocurrency community and improving the financial inclusion within Web3,” said Gregory Klumov, STASIS CEO.

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Since its inception in 2017, STATIS has developed different instruments to help retail and institutional customers and blockchains manage digital assets effectively. The protocol is powered by EURS, one of the largest non-USD stablecoins in the world.