Spellfire Returns As Re-Master The Magic With NFT Features

Spellfire Returns As Re-Master The Magic With NFT Features

Card game Spellfire returns as Re-master the magic. This is an out-of-print Collectible Card Game (CCG) powered by NFTs and a game for everyone interested in collecting collectible cards and earning lifelong revenue. Re-Master the Magic is a revenue-generating original NFT card based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Spellfire’s uniquely designed new cards have great features that make the card playable both physically and digitally. This game has become more real than ever before. Being a game for everyone, the unique featured card creates a multifaceted environment for gamers with fun-filled experiences.

The first 115 cards have been newly designed and are now made available as collectible NFTs on OpenSea. These cards represent a magical story having heroes with magic tokens.

Spellfire has arrived with a modern twist to CCG NFT games in that players can earn and own magic tokens as well as NFTs. Card players have a unique chance of owning original spell cards as NFTs coupled with exclusive ownership rights.

Owners of NFT cards will also receive 90% profits from the sale of their cards. They can create and collect thousands of unique new collectible cards and also build new empires, evolve, and learn new magic spells.


Players can also earn magic tokens by playing with their cards. This is done by upgrading individual cards through playing experience and the upgrade cards offer a more satisfying gaming experience, better play strategy and importantly and increased revenue. 

Being the first virtual game touched on Ethereum, Players, and collectors can explore and choose from the numerous and extensive collection of heroes, monsters, magic spells, and artifacts to buy.

The spellfire world requires collectors’ patience, player skill, and a tiny bit of luck. This game can be played and enjoyed with family and friends at home or online with an opponent located anywhere around the world.

The Re-Master the Magic card game offers various interactive cards which are controlled by voice and gestures. Players who are interested in this unique aspect of card games should check out the new spellfire CCG games tagged RE-MASTER THE MAGIC.