SolSwipe Launches Its First Decentralized Debit Card, Records Remarkable Sale of Its NFTs

SolSwipe Launches Its First Decentralized Debit Card, Records Remarkable Sale of Its NFTs

SolSwipe protocol is pleased to announce the launch of its new decentralized debit card. The project has launched the first ever decentralized Solana debit card designed with exceptional use cases.

Solana Debit Card and Its Use Cases

According to a recent press release, the SolSwipe debit card has earned a remarkable entrance into the DeFi space following its unique design of simplicity and its exclusive features. The debit card has emerged as the world’s first debit card that can be loaded directly from cold and hot wallets. 

Also, among the outstanding features of the newly launched Solana debit card is that it enables Web3 reloading with Phantom. Phantom is a Solana-based wallet designed for decentralized finance (Defi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The debit card has been designed to support SOL/USDC and other major networks such as Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Moreso, It allows access to over 200 countries with lower fees than most other crypto debit cards. 

Interestingly, the newly launched debit card is globally accessible and can be used for digital purchases, at a physical point of sale (POS), or on any Visa-compatible ATM. 


Meanwhile, it appears that the team is not relenting in enhancing the functionalities of the debit card as they’ve outlined further future plans that would improve its use cases. The team plans to extend the debit cards’ availability to various networks in a few months. 

Furthermore, the cards will be able to connect directly with users’ MetaMask wallets, allowing them to load up from BNB and ETH chains with a few clicks. The announcement further revealed that the team is also investigating the possibility of allowing users to stake their cryptocurrencies to earn rewards, which would be a first for debit cards.

SolSwipe Records Remarkable NFT Sale

Considering its outstanding features, the SolSwipe debit card has earned a groundbreaking entrance into the DeFi space. Also, it marks an excellent moment, as more individuals seek decentralized alternatives.

The project’s direct-load function and low fees make it a great choice for those who want to use cryptocurrency for everyday purchases. 

On this note, it is correct to say that the launch of the decentralized debit card has heightened the public’s attention towards the project and its NFTs as the announcement unveiled that it had sold all of its NFTs collection (6666 NFTs) in a flash.

Holders of these NFTs will be eligible for special bonuses generated out of a percentage (up to 20%) of the royalties and loading fees paid, as well as reduced transfer fees up to (5%), which will be claimed through the reward system. The NFT holders would also enjoy cryptocurrency or NFT airdrops and premium metal SolSwipe debit card redemption.