Cardano-based Kulfi Finance Announces KLS Token Pre Seed Sale Round

Kulfi Finance Debuts Governance Token and Launches a Fixed Rate Lending Protocol on Cardano

The KLS token Pre Seed Sale Round has been announced on the Kulfi Token Sale Page by Kulfi finance, a fixed rate lending and borrowing protocol built on the Cardano blockchain that focuses on the intersection of cutting-edge technology.

The community, which serves as the backbone of Kulfi finance, is its most crucial element. A bigger, more active community has given Kulfi finance the much-needed boost.

Kulfi (KLS)

Holders of KLS will oversee the Kulfi on-chain treasury, establish risk and collateralization guidelines, and cast votes for any upgrades suggested for the Kulfi smart contracts.

The following is a brief, non-exhaustive list of the issues that KLS holders must put forth and vote on:

Setting liquidity fees


* Setting collateral haircuts

* Onboarding new collateral types

* Activating new maturities for lending and borrowing different assets

* Proposing and evaluating upgrades to the protocol

* Loan repayment can be done using $KLS 

* Transaction fees within Kulfi Ecosystem can be paid using $KLS 

* KLS holders earns a percentage of fee paid within the Kulfi Ecosystem

Investors are looking for undervalued assets with the potential to increase in value over the long term as cryptocurrency assets continue to develop. A fixed-rate protocol on the Cardano blockchain is called Kulfi finance (KLS). The $KLS token may be the most valuable Pre-seed round in the cryptocurrency market because the digital asset is currently on a roll.

Take part in the pre-seed sale of KLS Tokens.

This is the first and only chance for the general public to gain exclusive early access to buy Kulfi token at a price of 200 KLS Tokens for 1 ADA. Kulfi Token is currently on Pre Seed Round for early buyers.

Join the pre-seed sale for the Kulfi (KLS) token at a discounted rate:

In summary

The first decentralized Cardano-based protocol for borrowing and lending with adjustable and fixed interest rates and fixed terms is called Kulfi. DeFi can only serve a small portion of the crypto lending market with variable rate lending because variable interest rates don’t offer the security that both lenders and borrowers need. By establishing a genuine variable and fixed rate market for lenders and borrowers, Kulfi Finance resolves this problem and gives institutional investors, small-business owners, and individual investors more power and democratic representation.