Solid Snake Token: The Pioneer Crypto Asset On The Solidly Exchange

Solid Snake Token: The Pioneer Crypto Asset On The Solidly Exchange

The pioneer token on Solidly, Solid Snake is an RFI-style project with a monumental vision, a vision that has been burning bright on the horizon since the token launched on February 10th, 2022. However, the vision the team at Solid Snake Finance has conjured up, and the team’s drive for success won’t fade anytime in the near future. In fact, within three days of the project launch, the team behind Solid Snake stepped up to create the first-ever price bot with native Solidly support; a first-of-its-kind tool that may be utilized to determine the price of every token on the Solidly exchange.

It is a simple yet effective way to determine the market cap, charts, and the current price of any coin on the Solidly exchange at any given instant. It can easily be deduced that over the next week, serious cryptocurrency investors will be flooding the Solidly Exchange to shine a spotlight on the tokens offered there.

To comprehend just how remarkable an investment opportunity Solid Snake is, one must first understand what the Solidly Exchange is and who is behind it. Simply put, it is an exchange built upon the Fantom mainnet. However, the most attention-grabbing aspect of Solidly is the exchange’s founder- Andre Cronje; a well-known figure in the crypto-community, Cronje is the man behind Solidly Exchange. Along with founding Yearn Finance, Cronje has played a pivotal role in numerous other high-profile crypto-related projects. It stands to reason that Solidly is no small endeavor given the scale and recognition of his other projects. Furthermore, Solidly emissions will start on February 17th. This means that the whole exchange is likely to see more funds, attention, and investors drawn into the Solidly community.

But how is the Solid Snake token so special, you might ask? Well, it is the first, and currently the only tradable asset on the Solidly exchange. This not only makes the token more recognizable within the Solidly community, but it also means that the team behind Solid Snake has had a considerable headstart in marketing their token. As the saying goes… the early bird catches the worm.

In regards to tokenomics, Solid Snake puts the investors and community first. It offers a 3% reflection distributed to holders, meanwhile another 3%, described as an “egg tax” is locked away in the contract forever. In addition, 1/3 was burned at launch which ensures the token is hyper-deflationary. All of this guarantees that the asset doesn’t experience unstable price fluctuations all too common to other tokens while incentivizing investor loyalty. With all eyes on Solidly, emissions on the horizon, and these favorable tokenomics, you would be hard-pressed to find a better investment than Solid Snake.


Contract address: 0x0a6439dfbce4bf6dabd37cc7a66cb91640625dca