Smart Marketing Token Revolutionizing The Marketing Strategy For New Crypto Projects

Smart Marketing Token Revolutionizing The Marketing Strategy For New Crypto Projects

Smart Marketing Token is the first tokenized marketing agency that wants to decentralize blockchain marketing procedures. The agency looks forward to providing a professional marketing platform for new crypto projects.

Notably, Smart Marketing Token came up to solve the barriers of entry for new entrants to the crypto industry. Many new projects are challenged by high competition and marketing platforms that are expensive and centralized. 

As part of the solution to this issue, Smart Marketing Token has developed an ERC-20 governance and utility token dubbed SMT. Projects can now acquire the token from supporting exchanges and use it to access the agency’s marketing services. With time, demand for the agency’s services will spike and so will the token’s value. Holders can therefore benefit from future value surges in addition to utility programs and buybacks.

Already, Smart Marketing Token is providing its services to Student Coin (STC). The latter is a fast-paced academic-focused blockchain. The network raised $21M in its ICO and is now ranked among the top 500 coins.

Features Of The Smart Marketing Token

A number of features are key to optimizing the Smart Marketing Token and ensure a sustainable and optimal marketing ecosystem for users.


Fixed fee promotion: SMT provides flexible promotional services for ICO, IDO, and IEO.. There are absolutely zero initial fees, and projects are billed based on a fixed fee commission. All ICOs Launchpads listed on Student Coin Terminal will be promoted by SMT.

Governance and Voting: SMT token serves as a governance token, and holders can vote on proposals using the SMT token. Holders with significant holdings will have substantial influence during the voting process.

Staking: SMT intends to introduce a staking and buyback program. SMT holders will be able to stake their tokens for a fixed APY. The token buyback will be funded using a part of the money raised from B2B clients and redistributed to SMT token holders.

Educational service: SMT token holders will be able to access the platform’s educational service for useful marketing tips from industry experts.

Automated Marketing service: Smart Marketing Token will provide automated marketing services where users can acquire marketing services automatically that will be taken care of by our freelancers 24/7 in an exceptionally fast time. 

Backed by top blockchain stakeholders in the industry

Smart Marketing Token (SMT) is backed by top blockchain stakeholders including its Chief Marketing Officer, Daniel Bihun, who has a decade worth of experience in brand establishment.

The marketing blockchain platform also has an advisory board consists of Wojciech Podobas, CEO and founder of Student Coin, and other members such as Gabriela Mrozek, Marketing Manager at Microsoft, and Ph.D. Dagmara Plata-Alf, president of the Marketing and Digital Transformation Council.

Smart Marketing Token (SMT) 

The total SMT tokens that will be issued are 10 million, with most of them distributed during the ICO sale. The ICO will run from August 2 to October 31, 2021.  

Participants can purchase Smart Marketing Tokens at this time via their credit cards, Coinbase, or Metamask Wallet on the Smart Marketing Token website. The event will occur in 100 phases with each having a target cap of $20,000. Subsequent phases are expected to attract a 1% rise in the value of SMT.