Skype Mulls Integration of Ripple’s XRP following Pitch from XRP Community

The XRP Army Wants To Bring XRP Payments To Over 800 Million People Via Skype

The popular telecommunication app Skype is considering the integration of XRP for micropayment. This came after a pitch from the XRP community that has been pushing for massive adoption of the token. Following the pitch, the Community Manager of Skype simply known as Petr responded positively saying he would share the idea with the Skype team.

The XRP community had contacted Skype with the idea of using XRP TipBot for making micropayment on the video and voice call app as well as buy skype credits using the same bot which Twitter users already use to send tips online.

XRP has seen significant adoption this year, mainly through collaborations and pushes for mainstream adoption. Just in March, XRP was integrated with WooCommerce, a huge online market that supports over 3 million websites. This immediately exposed the asset to adoption by all of WooCommerce’s clients.

India which has been very hostile against cryptocurrency has also adopted XRP for cross-border payment (by adopting Ripplenet). This is a bid to save Indians in diaspora millions of dollars spent on payment services to remit funds to their families back home.

Ripple has solved mainly the problem of payment settlement by providing fast and incredibly cheap payment services to users around the world and XRP is the token used to provide liquidity for these payments. This shows there is hope of bringing crypto adoption to the mainstream sectors as real use cases are being explored daily especially with XRP.


So far, the coin is integrated with Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Twitter and Reddit to mention a few. Another integration with Skype will still present XRP to millions of users around the world with a huge potential to become accepted in the mainstream as well as other cryptocurrencies.

So far Ripple and XRP have done well and there is certainly more to come for the number two cryptocurrency which has also been applauded by the World Bank for cross-border payments.

From all indications, the Skype integration is imminent and this is going to be a huge step for XRP that will bring its adoption to Skype’s over 300 million estimated active users as at 2015, and place it on its way to becoming a mainstream cryptocurrency in the nearest future.