Sinan Energy — Renewable Energy Plants: The 21st Century’s New Gold Mines

Sinan Energy — Renewable Energy Plants: The 21st Century's New Gold Mines

Renewable energy is a big emerging market and experts believe new-age renewable energy plants are the gold mines of the 21st century. This is mainly because of the benefits derived from renewable energy, which include environmental benefits, low investment risk, consistent cash flows, explosive demand, and reduced operating costs.

Carbon credits further increase the potential profitability of the industry. Sinan energy has set itself apart by offering carbon credits from its own plants in the form of crypto tokens. The tokens are tradable on crypto exchanges for real fiat money. 

The increasing demand for carbon credits is mainly because of the increasing adoption of net-zero emission targets. Consequently, prices of carbon credits are expected to increase 15-fold by 2030.

Sinan Energy is accelerating the deployment of renewable energy technologies by integrating these into its blockchain-enabled tokenization platform. This puts it ahead of its competition in terms of the building and deployment of innovative plants. 

Sinan also tokenizes, records, and verifies carbon credits generated from its plants, which allows it to gain international accreditation and sell to the global market. The company has also opened two revenue streams through the sale of energy and tokenized carbon credits, which also makes the tokens potentially lucrative for holders.


About Sinan Energy’s Carbon Credit Tokens

The value of carbon credits has gone exponentially in the last years as most of the top companies in the world have adopted the net-zero emission targets. The value is expected to go even higher as the supply is hardly meeting the demand for carbon credits. 

The carbon credits market is however very complex with middlemen taking profits from carbon credit generators. Sinan Energy seeks to disrupt the energy value chain with its innovative renewable energy and carbon credit blockchain platform. Sinan Energy Token (SET) provides great exposure to both renewable energy and carbon credit markets.  supply shortages and Sinan’s pipeline of projects, the value of SET is expected to go up substantially in no time. 

The company has also invested heavily in the development of renewable energy plants and has signed contracts to set up plants with a total capacity of more than 100MW in the Northern Cape innovative implementation zone in South Africa. 

IEO and IDO 

The joint IEO and IDO for the project are currently underway on the P2PB2B exchange and the full listing is scheduled for 12 May 2022. Proceeds from the IEO and IDO will be used to further develop the platform and establish new plants. There will be a total of 10,000,000,000 and each token will be sold at $0.015. 

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