‘Silk Way’ platform: universal solution for Eurasian logistic problems

‘Silk Way’ platform: universal solution for Eurasian logistic problems

B2B platform “Silk Way” is developed to redesign the continental logistics market suffering from numerous problems.

Having giant potential for trade relations development, Eurasia experiences a number of problems that cause stagnation tendency. There exist some isolated solutions but their efficiency tends to be insufficient to change the existing realities. ‘Silk Way’ logistic platform pretends for unquestionable leadership solving the existing problems in complex.

Among the key Eurasian logistic problems the following ones are pointed out:

· Insufficient computerization of the industry (the project provides the platform for all logistic market players uniting more than 250 000 participants);

· Communication barriers (members will get an ability to communicate within a professional social network that removes all barriers);


· Lack of information (each member of the platform will get individual page with basic information, therefore, companies from all over the Eurasian companies will make deals in minutes);

. Difficulties in transactions and intercontinental deals (AI and blockchain integrating are expected to save time and expenses for transportation constructing the most convenient routes).

The existing technological basis and innovative technologies make the project the breakthrough to the future starting the new logistic era.

Investors are welcomed to participate in such promising project and become a part of new Eurasian logistic age.