Shiba Inu’s Metaverse Gains Momentum As SHIB Devs Announce 99,000 Digitized Lands In Its ‘Shiberse’

Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, Baby Doge Poised To Break New Grounds In Mammoth Memecoins Resurgence

Shiba Inu’s developers have officially announced that 99,000 pieces of “land” would be released in its Metaverse – Shiberse.

A 10-day event will be organized to provide the required pass to different categories of users. They will be able to receive additional information and bid for the desired pieces of “land” with their SHIB tokens. Initially, the foray will focus only on buyers who currently hold LEASH. The developers stated that 35,000 pieces of land would be allocated to this category of people. The rest of the lands will be offered to all other users via the free auction. In this manner, Shiba Inu plans to maximize users’ interest in its Metaverse project as well as maximize potential returns.

In particular, LEASH holders would be comparatively loyal to Shiberse and provide the first positive feedback to a broader community. In this way, people can become aware of uncommon opportunities associated with its Metaverse project that may be appealing to meme fanatics. The next stage will involve all other users who may provide an additional demand for Shiberse and related projects.

An initial AMA session held by SHIB proponents had over 7,000 participants in attendance, many of which are LEASH holders, presenting the growing demand for “land” in the Shiba Inu metaverse.

SHIB has soared by 9% within 24 hours, and the 14-day price dynamics is also looking positive. These facts illustrate that most investors and holders positively assert Shiba Inu’s plans to expand its presence in the Metaverse segment due to its relative strength in targeting meme fans.

SHIBUSD Chart by TradingView

The social media community currently parades the growing awareness of meme-related tokens. By embellishing on the loyal meme audience, Shiba Inu may be able to successfully differentiate from other Metaverse projects, thus illustrating SHIB’s major advantages.

However, future market conditions are still uncertain as the foremost users’ experience in the ‘Shiberse’ will be critical to determining the conduct of all other participants.