ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees Slams BTC Maximalists Following Outbursts At The Bitcoin Miami Conference

Bitcoin maximalists may soon be forced to accommodate DeFi coins

With over 20 million Bitcoin wallet addresses recorded, the Bitcoin community is unarguably one of the most populous. Bitcoin users all over the world are seen on different social media networks spreading the word about Bitcoin as the technology continues to take up space in the traditional market.

However, in the process of evangelizing, many Bitcoin maximalists have shown themselves to be extremely passionate about the asset, and have in a bid to dismantle and debunk some Bitcoin myths and speculations, acted without thinking. This is a pattern that some onlookers have spotted in the community, and interestingly an insider player is in agreement.

Erik Voorhees, the CEO of ShapeShift who is also a Bitcoin proponent poured out his thoughts on the community in the cryptocurrency podcast Unchained Podcast. Back at the Bitcoin conference in Miami, Bitcoin proponents Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert took to the stage and made it a point to call out Elon Musk for his previous statement on Bitcoin.

“Elon and other fiat billionaires need to learn that you don’t fix Bitcoin, Bitcoin fixes you,” said Herbert, “We’ve seen it all since bitcoin was $1. Fuck those working for the clampdown! Bitcoin is freedom. Bitcoin is relentless optimism.” Conclusively, they implied that the Bitcoin network is bigger than a single entity.

Many others on the panel even went on to imply that being against Bitcoin maximalism was against the community growth. Mr. Voorhes wasn’t having it and retorted with  “Did I hear someone on that prior panel say, ‘If you’re against toxic maximalism, you’re against Bitcoin and you’re against freedom?’… Yeah, that’s some bullshit.”


Doubling down on his take at the conference, he told Shin on the recently held podcast that the toxic maximalist is not only a bad name to the community but also foreign to him.

“They’ve spun themselves up into thinking that trashing these people is a virtue, and it’s helping Bitcoin. Frankly, I think it’s just kind of disgusting, and I was embarrassed.” He told the host.

Adding that the reason for their behavior may be due to the fact that they are probably newbies in the market. 

These people were on stage talking about the virtues of toxic maximalism. I don’t know when they got into Bitcoin, but absolutely that is not the community that I come from in Bitcoin.”