Shamrocks, Clovers, and Tenuous Tie-Ins: How Crypto Companies Like Bybit Are Marking Saint Patrick’s Day

Shamrocks, Clovers, and Tenuous Tie-Ins: How Crypto Companies Like Bybit Are Marking Saint Patrick’s Day

Officially, Saint Patrick’s Day has been cancelled. Unofficially, it’s still going ahead as usual on the web, where businesses are serving up themed promotions, competitions, and tie-ins, all loosely geared around Ireland’s preeminent patron saint and the theme of Irish luck. Among them is Bybit, which is running a fortnight-long Saint Patrick’s trading competition, and, whose casino has a themed slots promotion. These sorts of events are characteristic of the way in which web companies have attempted to mark Saint Patrick’s Day, which has been celebrated for over three centuries.

Bybit’s take on Saint Patrick’s Day involves awarding traders shamrocks for completing certain tasks. The more shamrocks they acquire, the greater the value of USDT bonuses they can claim. A range of tasks and ‘Timed Missions’ have been devised to entertain Bybit users as they go about the business of collecting lucky shamrocks. Referring a friend to sign up for the exchange is one way in which traders can ascend the leaderboard and help themselves to greater rewards. Other ways to profit include logging into the exchange daily, completing tasks that are allocated under the Timed Missions game levels, and following Bybit’s Twitter account for news of four jackpot draws that will be held throughout March.

“Due to global events, many of the street parades associated with St Patrick’s Day are no longer going ahead,” acknowledged Bybit CEO Ben Zhou. “To compensate, we’ve devised a fun way for Bybit users to earn rewards while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Through competing in Timed Missions, traders can build up points while channeling the luck of the Irish to claim USDT rewards.”

Saint Patrick’s Day Promoters Get Creative

Saint Patrick’s Day is normally a major boost for the economy, particularly in the US, UK and Ireland, as well as other regions where there is a significant Irish diaspora. With the coronavirus having put paid to street celebrations, businesses have had to get creative in their quest to woo customers. Lion Australia has launched a nationwide campaign that offers free pints of Guinness to Australians. They can claim their pint online, though they may need to wait until the coronavirus has eased up before getting to sample it. In the US, meanwhile, Krispy Kreme is serving up green doughnuts to honour the Irish.

The web is where the bulk of the Saint Patrick’s Day promotions can be found, with casinos particularly keen to get in on the act. Playson, for example, is hosting a €30,000 Pots of Gold tournament. Within the cryptocurrency industry, various companies are hosting their own Saint Patrick’s-themed promotions, albeit on a more modest scale than Bybit. DigiLit, a crypto volume alert app, is giving away XRP, and the developers of obscure cryptocurrency IrishCoin are at pains to stress that their token is available on Irish crypto exchange IRCEX all the year-round.


2020 won’t go down in history as the most epic St Patrick’s Day ever, but it may prove to be the most memorable. Assuming the coronavirus has lifted by 2021, expect next year’s Saint Patrick’s celebrations to be the wildest yet.

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