Save the NFTs: FOIL holds offline NFT Auction with first NFT movie & uncensored digital art

Save the NFTs: FOIL holds offline NFT Auction with first NFT movie & uncensored digital art

The year 2021 has proven its booming NFT sector, while various NFT marketplaces appear, the market is expanding into a multi-billion industry, but the technology seems to be just warming up before it catches up with the global NFT revolution.

The current issue of NFT is the answer to the question: where the digital art content is actually stored? Foil Network has brought the solution to this problem by introducing the Pure NFT, where a non-fungible token contains all the data on-chain. The media content is not detached or stored on third-party servers. Making it impossible to have the NFT altered, damaged, replicated, or completely lost. Introducing the  Pure NFT technology as a functional solution was the primary goal of the private NFT auction.

Foil Network in cooperation with Prometheus held an offline auction downtown Moscow on July 15, 2021, gathering NFT artists and collectors into a private event of uncensored digital art; right next to the Kremlin.

The event has gathered quite a few artists, representing their NFT works for the first time, such as Sergey Elkin, world-famous caricature artist, Ruslan Sokolovskiy, a famous blogger, musicians like Outkast band and Hohlov Sabatovskiy, online education platform, who created documentary movie dedicated to NFT artists and influencers from Russia and unveiling the most important know-how from the top NFT communities and artists of Russian NFT scene.

The NFT lots of offline auctions combined different digital art and collectibles from famous social media bloggers. A massive collaboration with NFT256, a group artwork made by 256 NFT artists in a dedicated third NFT of portrait series, called “Pangea”. NFT256 artists created a portrait made out of 256 combined digital artworks.


The “Golden NFT Ticket” of Outkast, has been sold for over $13,000 USD and included a collectible all-inclusive  VIP ticket, special digital content from world-famous miniature sculptor Salavat Fidai, a personally signed CD by the band and the artist himself and VIP passes to all upcoming concerts of the band.

“Catching up with Malevich” was created by Sergey Elkin, a Russian cartoonist and architect, recognized by millions of daily newspaper and magazine readers. The genius representation of Malevich in terms of seeing the NFT art, has impressed the collectors as well as the crowd.

A documentary movie “NFT – The Art of Selling Art” became the first ever NFT-produced film. It is a documentary about NFT art and how it is possible to sell digital art over the NFT marketplaces, told  by the industry artists and activists, such as Brickspacer and other emerging digital artists from Russia .

The documentary was sold for over $13,500 US along with the authenticity and broadcasting rights right in the crypto asset, a non-fungible token.

NFT is an emerging ‘art’ and real representation of physical value, now a part of the crypto community, as much as the art impacts the evolution of society and development of any civilization. The NFT market capitalization is growing rapidly as the year 2021 has proven, the 2021 annual sales volume has already exceeded $2.5 billion.

Digital art is the way to enjoy masterpieces and collect art without leaving your home. NFTs are having their highest demand and interest, as collectors and speculators spend over $200 million on an array of NFT-based artwork in a month.

Foil Network is a baas-oriented (Blockchain-as-a-Service) elastic blockchain with NFT storage and marketplace with NFT wallet and on-chain content storage. FOIL plan to continue to deliver the excellence of the Pure NFT standard, compared to regular ‘dispieced’ NFT assets, while integrating into various NFT Marketplaces and supporting NFT artists, who plan to create NFTs on-chain, with media content stored in one crypto asset.

Foil Web Wallet is not just a crypto wallet, but a fully capable web application with integrated DeFi and NFT services. Crypto wallet users are able to create and mint NFTs, participate on the NFT marketplace and DeFi NFT staking. FOIL’s unique cross chain technology offers full support of the integrated cryptocurrencies. For example Dogecoin, in order to widen the range of defi services for Dogecoin community, such as including earning $FOIL in Dogecoin staking and making and receiving payments for NFTs.

Foil Blockchain is ready to expand its services and offer the NFT platform for NFT Marketplaces with full integration and NFT storage capacities. After a successful initial seed round, the ecosystem is ready to be deployed on third-party platforms and $FOIL native crypto gains special attention due to the unique technologies behind the elastic chain.

Find out more about Pure NFT developed on FOIL and how it can solve emerging storage issues of the booming NFT market: