Caizcoin Stirring Up The Blockchain Industry With Its Unique Features And Moral Lining

Caizcoin Stirring Up The Blockchain Industry With Its Unique Features And Moral Lining

Following the arrival of Caizcoin, it quickly grew as the first-ever Islamic blockchain, becoming a favorite of many investors. Just a year after its inception in Germany, the coin is ready to shake up the crypto space with its unique features and associated ethical and moral standards.

As the cryptocurrency industry increases in popularity, the market becomes flooded with new digital currencies being created every day. Economic evils such as frauds, scams, and hacks make it hard to invest in a specific cryptocurrency. These issues gave birth to the idea of Caizcoin, a credible coin that ensures utmost security to investors. The coin also provides fast and cost-efficient financial services, with investors commanding their transactions and with no third-party interference.

Built by young and broad-minded developers, Caizcoin was made to integrate contemporary technology with Islamic values to suit modern investors. The name ‘Caiz’ is derived from the Arabic word ‘jaiz’, which means acceptable. This, however, does not mean that the coin’s access is restricted to Muslim investors alone. Its developers clarified that the coin is globally accessible and that entwining Islamic morality was an added security measure. The values also make it more credible and authentic, especially on moral grounds.

CAIZ, the principle token for Caizcoin, can be traded and paired on different platforms. Holders of the token are rewarded for providing liquidity in other pools. Moreover, Caizcoin API connects users with high-security third-party solutions. CAIZ will offer what it calls a “free threshold margin” for feeless transactions. This will also incorporate a reward system for giving commissions based on referrals. Furthermore, Caizcoin will uphold user anonymity as a data security measure.

In the future, when the testing and developing phase is completed, Caizcoin plans to launch a wallet. Other technological upgrades such as nodes sales and crypto scanners will follow.


The Caizcoin developer team’s vision is to develop a platform that breaks the barriers to entry into blockchain tech, and that is 100% free of any criminal activities. Caizcoin ecosystem will encourage small investors who decline to take part in cryptocurrencies due to their association with illicit doings. For this reason, the network will not partner with any businesses whose practices are forbidden by Islamic laws.

With all its attractive features and morality stance, Caizcoin is expected to revolutionize digital currencies and up the bar for future services.

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