Safety Makes Plans To Strengthen Its All-In-One DeFi Ecosystem

Safety Makes Plans To Strengthen Its An All-In-One DeFi Ecosystem

Safety DeFi ecosystem is proud to be spearheading multi-network ecosystem creation. Having built DApps on Safepal wallet, Safety users now have access to over 20 blockchain networks. They can also store unlimited virtual assets quickly and easily on a platform where security is upheld.

Safety was developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network due to the exceptional features it holds. These include scalability, cost-efficient gas fees, high accuracy, stable connection, and safety. BSC is also home to thousands of projects and communities making its ecosystem quite large and diverse. With BSC, Safety can better leverage technology, ecosystem, and community presence.

Of note, SFT is the native token for Safety and its total supply is 500 million tokens. Out of the 95 million SFTs up for sale during the seed stage, 35 million have been sold at an opening price of $0.01 per token. In about a week, Safety plans to carry out a private sale event where 25 million SFTs will be sold at an opening price of $0.015 per token. Thereafter, the pre-sale and public sale events will take place in that order.

Additionally, Safety has a number of activities lined up for the fourth quarter of 2021. These revolve around NFTs, swaps, farming, and staking. NFTs are virtual items that are a representation of artifacts or other objects in real life. Safety has developed a familiar fun game where all in-game items have been digitized as NFTs. Players will be able to acquire and trade the NFTs on the gaming platform.

As for swaps, Safety plans to integrate them so that users can efficiently and quickly swap tokens between different blockchains with limited risks and simpler operations. As for yield farming, Safety will invite liquidity providers to contribute to a liquidity pool. Their participation will earn them rewards in proportion to their contribution.


Finally, with staking, SFT token miners will be able to mine on BSC using the proof-of-stake (PoS) algorithm. The quantity of mined tokens will be dependent on the number that is staked. After the system calculates rewards, the new token will be directly credited to the staker’s wallet.

Safety is well placed to distribute both hardware and software wallets for Safepal. In the future, Safety intends to become an organization connecting and developing the community for the Safepal micro platform in Asia.

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