RocketX And XDC Network Partner Up To Improve Scalability And Interoperability Within The Defi Market

RocketX And XDC Network Partner Up To Improve Scalability And Interoperability Within The Defi Market

RocketX, the most advanced hybrid CEX & DEX aggregator, and XDC Network, one of the largest blockchain networks, are elated to announce their partnership to solve interoperability issues among DeFi platforms.

The partnership saw RocketX integrate with XinFin Protocol or XDC Network to offer users the best rates on XRC20 swaps. According to the team behind the projects, this integration will open various benefits for RocketX users, including easy cross-chain swaps between XDC and 60+ supported blockchain networks. The partnership is a step forward in providing users with the ability to enjoy improved scalability of any Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) based DeFi applications.

The integration has also improved the transaction per second (TPS) for DeFi applications enabling faster transactions. Currently, XDC Network offers users over 2000 TPS. Users can now enjoy faster transactions and low gas fees, streamlining the overall experience for users. By solving interoperability issues within DeFi, this partnership hopes to drive mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Commenting on the partnership, Davinder Singh, Co-founder, RocketX stated:

“We’re thrilled to welcome the XinFin XDC network to the RocketX family. Our partnership accelerates onboarding for the next billion users to XDC Network, seamlessly transferring digital assets from 60+ blockchains to XDC Network through 1-click cross-chain swaps. This partnership represents a giant leap towards a more inclusive and decentralized future for all.”

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XDC Network is an enterprise-grade EVM-compatible blockchain network. The hybrid blockchain for global finance and trade combines the power of private and public blockchains to support interoperable smart contracts. This enables tokenization, digitization, reduced reliance on FX infrastructure, increased efficiency, and instant settlement of trade transactions. In turn, the network can increase financial institutions’ flexibility and liquidity management.

RocketX enables users to conduct cross-chain swaps at better rates than similar projects. RocketX is an advanced hybrid DEX and CEX aggregator created to make it easier for users to compare prices across over 270 exchanges through the most secure UI and APIs. The platform uses intelligent algorithms, resulting in low gas fees, better swap rates, and low slippage. With the integration, RocketX users can swap XDC (XRC20) with all leading blockchains.

Just recently, RocketX announced another strategic partnership to enable ease of on-ramping of digital assets across 125 countries. The exchange partnered with Transak, a leading Web3 onboarding infrastructure provider.