Bluzelle Introduces Capella, an NFT Marketplace for Enhanced Web3 Gaming and Digital Assets on Cosmos

Bluzelle Introduces Capella, an NFT Marketplace for Enhanced Web3 Gaming and Digital Assets on Cosmos

The Cosmos ecosystem has been experiencing a surge in developer activity, particularly in GameFi and NFTs. However, Cosmos-based NFT marketplaces face challenges in supporting semi-fungible tokens (SFTs), gaining notoriety in Web3 games. This limitation affects the utility of gaming assets and their secondary sale in marketplaces.

To address this issue, Bluzelle, a pioneering Cosmos-based GameFi Chain, has launched Capella, a tailored NFT marketplace designed to support blockchain-based web3 games. Capella aims to provide an industry-leading user experience and increased utility for gamers by efficiently supporting NFTs and SFTs. This IBC-compatible NFT marketplace will offer collectors a seamless trading experience and easy access to NFT and gaming collectibles within the Cosmos ecosystem.

Combining Capella with Bluzelle’s R2 decentralized storage

One of Capella’s key features is its integration with Bluzelle’s R2, a decentralized storage solution allowing developers to store their game assets securely. By leveraging this technology, Capella will enable users to purchase and sell tokens, NFTs, and gaming assets through a unified interface, improving the overall gaming experience.

Developers can easily integrate Capella into their games for comprehensive storage and token requirements without the hassle of moving NFTs from one chain to another. This streamlined process will allow users to quickly complete transactions, resulting in a more advanced developer and user experience.

Testing Capella with Gamma4 and future roadmap

The Bluzelle team is building and testing Capella with their first Web3 game, Gamma4. As the marketplace matures, the team plans further to elevate the NFT and GameFi experience on Cosmos.


Pavel Bains, CEO of Bluzelle, expressed the company’s commitment to addressing the limitations of existing NFT solutions within the Cosmos ecosystem. “As we are developing our game, GAMMA 4, for Bluzelle, we were actively looking at the NFT solutions within Cosmos. We discovered they were good for NFT collections and one-offs but did not provide what we needed for our game. Being extremely familiar with Cosmos tech and knowing game development firsthand, we had the experience to build what developers and gamers needed,” said Bains. “One product with the right features, truly decentralized storage, and fluidity with other Cosmos chains.”

With the launch of Capella, Bluzelle aims to provide a more flexible and efficient NFT marketplace for the Cosmos ecosystem, catering to the growing demand for web3 games and digital collectibles.