Rocketpad Seed Sale Receives Great Support Ahead Of IDO Launch

Rocketpad Seed Sale Receives Great Support Ahead Of IDO Launch

Rocketpad is thrilled to announce that its IDO launchpad template will be revealed in the next few weeks. Rocketpad is a Cardano-based fundraising platform and a project accelerator, designed to leverage DeFi innovations to provide transparent, efficient, and fully decentralized crowdfunding services. $ROCKET is the utility token that will power the Rocketpad ecosystem built on the cardano blockchain.

The Rocketpad IDO Launchpad team is working tirelessly to be the most renowned Cross-chain IDO Launchpad on Cardano Blockchain. This project has been making a lot of headlines since its idea was made public and the team will be constantly working on innovations and solving inherent problems within the Cardano ecosystem.

Rocketpad IDO launch seed sale will be ending on the 30th of December or until the allocated tokens on the seed sale are exhausted. The $ROCKET token will serve as a governance token and will also be used as a subscription token for users to navigate the Rocketpad platform. The token will also allow users to make decisions and vote on proposed features on the platform.

Rocketpad is a win-win situation for token holders and lets investors of all sizes participate in the most promising Cardano-based enterprises. Users will be able to stake their $ROCKET token to generate revenue with the ability to farm ADA,  generate more $ROCKET tokens, or both. Traders can also swap tokens, coins, or stablecoins on the platform.

The team is looking to create its own NFTs and smart contracts in the near future. The ROCKETPAD’s projects are thoroughly vetted to avoid frauds and have created strong relationships with influencers and marketing partners, which has resulted in a steady stream of new crypto initiatives that are well-funded.

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